Wish - an effective e-commerce application

«Wish» is an American e-commerce platform that emerged in 2010, facilitating simplified transactions between sellers and consumers.

Products are shipped directly from sellers, ensuring lower costs with a vast array of options. Users on the American Wish marketplace are often Dollar Store shoppers who cannot afford the $120 annual membership of Amazon Prime. On average, users scroll through 600 to 700 items, and approximately 80% of new Wish users return for a second purchase.

Wish is an e-commerce app that tracks customer actions to better adapt to their preferences.


Why Download Wish

1. Low Prices on Wish:

Products on this platform are sold directly from manufacturers, reducing costs by eliminating intermediaries.

2. Secure Payment Transactions:

The service employs advanced technologies to protect personal data, ensuring a secure shopping experience.

3. Product Reviews with Media:

Reviews for products include photos and videos, allowing users to view items received by other customers along with video reviews.

4. Order Tracking via App or Website:

Users can track their orders conveniently through the app or website.

5. Customer Support:

In case of any questions regarding an order, users can contact customer support through the app for prompt assistance.

6. Bonus Program:

Users earn bonuses with each purchase, which can be exchanged for bonus coupons.

7. Free Product Offerings:

Buyers have the opportunity to receive free items, such as welcome gifts and other prizes.

8. Advertising and Statistics:

After reviewing opinions of those who ordered from Wish.com, it's worth noting that the site is currently highly regarded by almost every customer.


How to Register on Wish Without a Personal Number

On almost all platforms, during registration, confirmation is required via a mobile phone number – an SMS with a code needs to be received on it. In this case, a virtual number can come to your aid if, for some reason, access has been restricted on a particular resource. You may be registering to receive a welcome bonus in a store and prefer not to provide your personal number, etc.


Buy a virtual number


1. Visit https://smsak.org/ and register.

2. Recharge your balance.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Wish» on the main page or in your account.

5. Click «Get Number».

6. Enter the necessary registration details on the acquired resource and click «Next».

7. Complete the registration process immediately after receiving the SMS.

On our website, you can purchase virtual numbers at an affordable cost, either in bulk or for a specific duration. The remaining time will be indicated in your account next to the taken number. A virtual number essentially functions like a regular number from any operator, allowing you to receive SMS messages without revealing your personal phone number. This way, you can separate work and personal calls and messages at minimal cost.