Activation of Magnit store loyalty card

PJSC Magnit is a Russian holding company specializing in retail trade through its network of stores. The operational process of delivering goods to consumers is carried out through a powerful logistics system. «Magnit» is a unique company in the Russian retail market. Alongside selling products, the retail network is engaged in producing food products under its own brand.

Every active consumer of this network is recommended to activate a loyalty card. By using it when purchasing goods, you'll receive store bonuses.


Magnit Store Loyalty Card and Its Features

- Access to the operator hotline for consultation on any issues.

- One bonus equals one ruble.

- Spend bonuses when purchasing at any «Magnit» store.

- View the history of purchased items and their costs.

- Accumulate and increase bonuses after each purchase, monitor the balance, store history, and receipts, and receive gift bonuses for your birthday.

- View personalized offers.

If desired, it's easy to install the program on your phone. For «Magnit», the primary goal of the loyalty card is to increase the store's share in consumer spending on products by building «long-term relationships».


Activating the Magnit Card via Phone Number

Activating the Magnit card via SMS can be done using a virtual number. This approach eliminates spam in your messages. You can also activate the card if you don't want to repeatedly provide your data online or if you want to participate in a one-time promotion that may be held during the first registration. In other words, you can get a good discount when visiting the store or placing an order.

Register on the SMS activation service After topping up your balance, you can get a virtual number. Initiate the card registration process, enter the obtained virtual number on the network's website, and receive the activation code and confirmation on it. The price of the number is only a few rubles.


How to Get Discounts in the Store and When Placing Orders


First and foremost, you need to purchase a virtual phone number. To make your purchase process seamless, we have provided a detailed guide with screenshots and captions:

1. Register a profile on

2. Go to the «Payment» section and top up your balance.

3. On the homepage or in the personal account (you can use the search on the left for convenience), find the virtual number you need and click on it.

Now proceed with the store's registration:

1. Go to the service's homepage, then click «Log In».

2. Enter the purchased number and click «Get Code».

3. Enter the SMS code.

4. The creation of the new profile is complete.

Now, after completing the registration, you can fully enjoy welcome bonuses, discounts, and promo codes. The only condition is that to register a new account, you need to purchase a new virtual number. However, for a symbolic amount, you can buy a large number of profiles. Virtual numbers can also be used to register in Eda.Yandex, Perekrestok, Pyaterochka, and more.