How to register a Pyaterochka account to receive bonuses

X5 Retail Group is currently the largest Russian network of grocery stores «at home».

The company attributes its success to the expansion of the product range produced under its own trademarks, a constant focus on efficiency, and improved concepts of Pyaterochka and Perekrestok. The total number of retail outlets exceeded 16,000 in 2020.


Earning Bonuses and Discounts

There is a well-thought-out loyalty system to support regular customers. In such cases, creating a Pyaterochka account may be required. With a registered account, you can issue both a plastic and a virtual card, accumulate points, and receive various discounts and bonuses.

If you need to create an account, buying a 5ka account with bonus points is not the only option. You can create an account yourself to get discounts and welcome bonuses. For this, a phone number needs to be linked. If you don't want to provide personal information or need another account, you can buy a virtual number, which can be purchased at a minimal price starting from 1 ruble on the service


Drawbacks of Buying a Ready-Made Account

There are specialized services online that specialize in selling various accounts. When buying such an account, you agree to the following risks:

1. Lack of availability. It's not always possible to buy an account and a Pyaterochka card with points. Such items are not popular and are rarely in stock with sellers.

2. Fraudulent activities. Most likely, you will be offered a hacked account that the owner can recover at any time, and you will end up spending money for nothing.

3. Complications. Some sellers suggest transfers to specific electronic wallets or other payment methods that you may not have.

All these difficulties can be solved by purchasing a virtual number. Essentially, it is a regular number that can be used to create a new account. After registering the profile, you only need to remember the login details.

Buy a Pyaterochka Account Using a Virtual Number


We provide a detailed guide on how to buy a virtual number and register an account:

1. Register a profile on All that is needed is an email address and a password.

2. Go to the «Payment» section and top up your balance.

3. In your personal account (using the search on the left) or on the main page, find the virtual number you need and select it. Note! The number is provided for a limited amount of time, as indicated in the personal account next to the taken number.

Now, proceed with the 5ka website registration:

1. First, you need to activate the card or create its virtual version, and then you can log in to your account. On the website in the upper right corner, click «Log In».

2. Choose one of the two options.

3. Enter the purchased number and click «Get Code».

4. Enter the code from the SMS.

5. The creation of the new profile is complete.

Now you can enjoy welcome bonuses and discounts. The purchase of a virtual number cost a minimal amount and took only 3-4 minutes. Registering in this way allows you to create a new full-fledged account.

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