ZCITY — registration and receiving discounts at payment

ZCITY is an application designed to streamline payments using electronic wallets. When users make payments through the app, they receive discounts on subsequent purchases and bonuses from the service. Participants and sellers can also take advantage of cashback affiliate programs.

Benefits of the Application


1. Zcoins: Earn more Zcoins to get greater discounts on each transaction when using Zcoins.

2. Electronic Vouchers: Get an additional discount of up to 20% on your favorite electronic voucher when purchasing through the ZCITY app.

3. Bill Payments: Pay bills for electricity, water, TV subscriptions, prepaid and postpaid services, rent, summonses, and tax assessments with discounts of up to 5% in the ZCITY app.

4. Store: Buy and explore a wide range of product vouchers, frozen products, groceries, snacks, and best deals.

5. TAZTE: Innovative F&B POS system that can transform a regular F&B business into a digital format using a universal automated solution.


ZCITY Rewards

The service offers rewards such as Zcoupon, Zbonus, Zcoins, promo codes, and referral rewards. Users can apply up to 2 types of rewards for a single payment: Zcoin discount or 1 unit of Zcoupon/Zbonus/Promo code. Zcoins have an expiration date and can be extended until the next calendar month with a minimum earning of 1 Zcoin in the current calendar month.


How to Get Double Rewards


First Reward: Discount amount (Zcoins) from ZCITY.

Second Reward: Reward for your chosen payment method.

For example, a user can pay with ZCITY, select «GrabPay Online» as the payment method. In this case, the ZCITY discount applies to the purchase, and Zcoins from Grab are also credited.


Registration Process

Download «ZCITY» from Google Play Store, Apple App Store, or HuaweiApp Gallery. Open the ZCITY app and click «Login or Register» on the main page to continue registering a new account.

Email verification is a security measure authenticating the email address associated with your ZCITY account, preventing unauthorized changes to your email address and password.

Free 200 Zcoins will be automatically credited to the ZCITY app after the user's email is successfully verified by ZCITY.


Registration Without a Personal Number

One ZCITY account can only be linked to one registered mobile phone number with a confirmed email address. To register multiple accounts for additional discounts, you can buy a virtual phone number. A temporary number is also an option if you don't want to provide your personal number but want to participate in one-time promotions or receive welcome bonuses.

Temporary SMS numbers on our website start from a few rubles. Numbers from different countries (Poland, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, etc.) are available for purchase to bypass geographical restrictions. These numbers can be used for registrations on social networks, dating websites, messengers, and more.


Buy a Virtual Number for ZCITY


1. Register on https://smsak.org/ or log in.

2. Click on your username and «Add Funds», enter the desired amount, and pay using any of the methods specified on the website.

3. Choose the country and operator from the dropdown list.

4. Find «ZCITY» and click «Get Number».

5. Copy the SMS for completing the registration on the chosen service.

Information about purchased virtual numbers for SMS is available in the «Ordered Numbers» section of your account, including the number, purchase amount, received SMS, and remaining time to receive SMS. Temporary numbers can be used on platforms like Auto.ria.com, Jiayuan, OVO, and more. On average, users spend no more than 3-4 minutes to purchase a number.