Buying and selling cars on Auto.ria is an online platform for car enthusiasts where you can buy a car (new or used) or post an advertisement to sell a car. Every day, a large number of cars of different brands are bought and sold here. Auto.ria offers over 200,000 verified cars, and all the information is easily accessible from any device.

Buying a car on Auto.ria


1. An intuitive user interface and a convenient search system help you find the new or used car that suits you. You can search for a specific model based on region, price, VIN code, etc. Search results can be sorted by price, posting date, and more.

2. Save favorite options in the Notebook to review and compare their specifications later.

3. Call the seller or message them through the Auto.ria Chat. You can check messages and calls at any time.

4. Be the first to know about new offers that may interest you — create Subscriptions with relevant criteria.


Selling a car on Auto.ria

1. Place ads to sell your car, highlight its advantages, and add photos. You can edit and update the publication date at your convenience.

2. In the app, you can add videos — a short story about the car that provides more information than photos alone. This increases the chances of finding a buyer sooner.

3. Review all information related to the sale of the car on the website or in the app: viewing history, negotiation offers, and search position.

4. A verified car usually sells nearly three times faster than a car without a check at the service station (STO), so it is recommended to undergo verification and add the verification report to the advertisement.


How to register without a personal number

Selling or buying a car has now become much easier. To do this, simply download the Auto.ria app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit the website, where you can find a large number of different ads. This portal allows you to promptly address any issues related to the purchase or sale of a car.

To register on the platform, you need to provide a phone number for identity confirmation. If you need to register multiple accounts, recover a profile, or simply prefer not to provide a personal number (e.g., to avoid spam calls), you can purchase a virtual number.


Buy a virtual Auto.ria number


1. Visit, complete a simple registration procedure (email address and password required). If you are already registered on the site, you can log in directly to your account.

2. Choose «Top up balance» and add funds using your preferred method.

3. Select «Auto.ria» on the main page or through your account.

4. In «Ordered Numbers», you can view all information about the purchased number.

5. Copy the purchased number for SMS verification.

6. Complete the registration of the new profile.

A virtual phone number can also be used to register on, Giftcloud, Venmo, etc. You can also rent a virtual number for an extended period — on the main page, find the «Rent» button, choose the country, and select the rental period. For any questions, including collaboration inquiries, feel free to contact us in the chat — we'll try to respond as quickly as possible.