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«Drug Vokrug» is a free application, a social network that allows users to exchange messages and stickers with friends, upload photos, and participate in group chats in different cities. The main goal is to simplify communication to the maximum extent. In this social network, it's easy to find new acquaintances, add people from other applications (such as Viber), and communicate with them in both private and group chats visible to everyone. The app can be installed on Android and iPhone devices.

You can communicate on from your phone, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Send messages to friends even if they are offline. Messages can include various emojis, and you can review chat history and receive notifications about new events.


Advantages and Features of «Drug Vokrug»

1. With Bluetooth enabled, there's an option to «catch» nearby users of the social network, and you'll receive an immediate notification about it.

2. Availability of «Disappearing Messages» – your messages will be deleted after a certain period.

3. Geolocation feature.

4. Extensive user base.

5. Participants can safely exchange files, including videos, audios, and images.

On your personal page, you can write your nickname, set a status, indicate your family status, write about yourself, mention your city and age, and share your interests. The app's menu includes tabs for friends, messages, events, my guests, and search. The search function allows you to find friends and new acquaintances and send messages to all users. The page displays the registration time and activity.


Virtual Number for «Drug Vokrug» to Create an Account

On an increasing number of services, it is necessary to provide your number for SMS confirmation. From an internet security perspective, this is reasonable but inconvenient if you need another profile. What to do in this case?

«Drug Vokrug» requires you to provide your email address and phone number. To register a new profile, it is recommended to visit Here you can choose the country and mobile operator. After purchasing a virtual number, you can register not only on «Drug Vokrug» but also on VK, FB, Instagram, and others. Navigating the website interface is straightforward – even if you're visiting for the first time, purchasing a number will take no more than 3-4 minutes.


Virtual Number for Registration on «Drug Vokrug»

To create a reliable account that won't be banned on the first day, you need a virtual telephony service. One of the best services of this kind is called On, the cost of most virtual numbers starts from 1 ruble. Registration on the website and topping up the balance to purchase a virtual phone typically takes 3-5 minutes on average, even if you've never visited our resource before.

Instructions for purchasing a virtual number:

1. Register on the website

2. Choose «Top Up Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «drugvokrug» and click «Get Number».

5. The number is purchased, and now you can enter it during registration and click «Next».

6. Copy the received code.

7. The new profile on «Drug Vokrug» is created.

So, you've successfully downloaded «Drug Vokrug» and registered a new account. Now you can chat, send photos, review conversations, and much more.