YouGotaGift - a service for conducting sweepstakes and competitions

YouGotaGift is a leading company specializing in the production of digital gift cards and a service for organizing giveaways. The digital platform can be utilized by individuals as well as various organizations to reward, motivate, and express gratitude to employees, clients, close ones, and friends.

Why Conduct Giveaways?


Conducting giveaways is an effective promotion tool for any account, with minimal associated costs. The advantages of hosting giveaways include:

- Audience expansion: Attracting friends in the comments who are not yet subscribed to your account.

- Increased brand activity and recognition: This leads to higher website visits, improved statistics, and increased post views.

- Introducing a new product or service: Hosting a giveaway for a batch of new products is an excellent way to generate future sales.


How to Conduct a Smooth Giveaway

1. Initiate and conduct the contest with specific conditions, such as commenting, subscribing, and more, all within your control.

2. The service allows you to gather any number of contest participants.

3. Random selection of winners is facilitated through a randomizer.

4. Participants can view the winners immediately or after the contest via a link that you publish.


Premium Access on

Premium access is provided for users who frequently organize contests, offering services like turnkey contests. Advantages of premium access include the ability to quickly gather many participants, the extraction of all subscribers, automatic verification of sponsorship subscriptions, an ad-free experience, and access to an Excel participant database. The most cost-effective premium access is the annual payment, but trial periods for one day or one month are available.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

When registering on almost any platform, application, messenger, or other resources, providing a phone number for receiving a confirmation code is a common requirement. This process verifies your ownership of the phone number and identifies the user.

If you prefer not to disclose your phone number for any reason or need to create multiple profiles simultaneously, purchasing physical SIM cards can be time-consuming and inconvenient. In such cases, consider acquiring a virtual number. This number is essentially the same as a physical SIM card but is much more cost-effective, and you don't need to provide personal information when purchasing.

You can also log in to YouGotaGift using YouTube, Instagram or Facebook (the virtual number can also be used to register on these resources).


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Log in to your account or register on (enter your email address and create a password).

2. Click on «Top up balance» and add the required amount. The price for numbers can be viewed on the main page next to the desired number.

3. Choose the country and then the mobile operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find «YouGotaGift» and click «Get a number».

5. Enter the code from the SMS to complete the registration.

Virtual numbers are provided for a specific period, sufficient for registration. If needed for an extended period, you can rent the number, with the cost depending on the country and rental duration.