Register multiple accounts on YouTube

YouTube videos are one of the most popular global video hosting platforms. In just one day, the number of views can reach several billion. Here, you can sell courses, goods, services, etc. The platform offers the opportunity for substantial earnings, attracting a large number of people to upload their videos. To implement such an idea, effort is required because difficulties often arise during the registration process.

Brief Overview of YouTube


The platform broadcasts, delivers, and stores various videos. Users can visit channels, choose something interesting from the catalog, watch thematic videos, like, comment, share links with friends, upload their videos, and manage their channels. When watching YouTube online, users can search for music videos, movies, news, educational videos, masterclasses, video reviews, trailers, etc.

What to Pay Attention to When Setting Up a Channel


1. People should understand what the channel is about and why they should watch it in just a few seconds. Information is taken from the video description, which is called «technical tuning». This description is added when uploading videos to the internet.

2. One of the most important conditions is the correct display of the video on any device (users view content not only from smartphones but also from PCs, TVs, and tablets). The dimensions of the video must be taken into account. It is desirable for the description not to be truncated and to fit entirely on one line.

3. Maintain a consistent style when uploading content and managing your blog. Try to maintain a uniform color scheme and make your brand more recognizable with the same video header.

For successful business promotion on YouTube, it is usually necessary to create several profiles. Below, we will share how to create several accounts on the service literally in a couple of minutes.


How to Register a Second Account on YouTube Using a Virtual Number?

Accounts are registered through Google, and you always need to enter a number. If you want to maintain anonymity on the internet or already have a primary profile, the optimal solution is to acquire a virtual number. With such a number, you can create a full-fledged account – you just need to remember the password. On the service, prices for virtual numbers start from just 6 rubles.

To register a second profile on YouTube, follow these steps:

1. Register on the website.

2. Choose «Top up balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «YouTube» and click «Get number».

5. The virtual number for receiving SMS is purchased; now enter it in the corresponding field.

6. Fill in all the blank fields, including creating a login for the email.

7. Enter the data in the phone number confirmation form.

8. An SMS will be sent to the number.

9, Enter the code in the corresponding field and click «Confirm».

There you go! You have created a new account for registering a second profile on YouTube. For each new profile, you need to purchase a new virtual number, and it is much cheaper than buying a physical SIM card every time. We are loyal to our customers, so we try to keep prices at a consistent level – the cost of most numbers starts from 1 ruble.