Yongshi Network (勇仕网络Ys4fun) — Unique Gaming Experience

Yongshi Network (勇仕网络Ys4fun) is a modern company specializing in game development and digital content creation. It has brought together enthusiasts from various backgrounds, all sharing a common love for games and a passion for creating original, high-quality products. The team comprises dedicated professionals within the gaming industry, aiming to provide unique gaming experiences to users worldwide.

Key Features of 勇仕网Ys4fun


Yongshi Network specializes in developing and designing online games. Their products combine diverse elements such as strategy development, real-time naval battles, and social events, crafting engaging gameplay and unique gaming worlds. They strive to offer users the best opportunities for interaction and entertainment.

The company's flagship products include «Eye of Deep Space» and «Azur Lane». «Eye of Deep Space» is a mobile 3D game developed in-house, recognized with the Best 3D Game award in the «Made with Unity China» list in 2021. It quickly gained popularity, topping game charts on platforms like AppStore, TapTap, and bilibili.

«Azur Lane» is another successful product, becoming the first game to reach the top of the Japanese App Store. It also received the Google Play Best Game Award in 2017, showcasing Yongshi Network's talent in creating captivating games with appealing gameplay and design.

Yongshi Network actively engages in 2D game development, adhering to their initial intention: to explore new technologies, gaming processes, and create new worlds to offer users globally even more immersive gaming experiences.


Registration on 勇仕网Ys4fun

For developers and creative individuals, registration opens access to various tools, resources, and a community of professionals. This fosters interaction, sharing of experiences, and inspiration for creating new gaming projects.

For players, registering on the Yongshi Network platform provides various benefits, including access to exclusive content, bonuses, events, and the opportunity to participate in early-stage game testing. This offers a chance to get closer to developers, influence game development, and share opinions.

Developers from Yongshi Network can conduct closed beta tests of their new gaming projects. Registered users can participate in such tests, allowing them to play games in their early development stages, provide feedback, and influence the improvement of the gaming experience.


How to Buy a Virtual Number for 勇仕网Ys4fun


1. To access your personal account, authenticate on the website https://smsak.org/ using your email address. Login is possible only with your email.

2. After entering your account, go to the balance replenishment page, selecting the appropriate tab or section. Funds will be credited to your balance instantly.

3. After a successful balance replenishment, return to the main page and select the country and service «勇仕网络Ys4fun». There's also a number search function, allowing you to find the number needed for registration by entering its name in your personal account. Then click on «Get Number».

4. Copy the obtained virtual number and paste it into the respective registration form on the 勇仕网络Ys4fun platform. Request the SMS verification code.

5. Use the received SMS code to complete the registration on the 勇仕网络Ys4fun platform.

Apart from registering on the 勇仕网络Ys4fun platform, a temporary virtual number for SMS allows you to register on other online platforms such as Weverse, Mihuashi, Cloud Chat (CC), and other services.