Platform for artists and customers Mihuashi

Mihuashi is a professional platform specifically designed for planners and freelance illustrators. Currently, it boasts more than 50,000 artists of various styles who have undergone verification. Whether you need game characters, scenes, vertical paintings, personal avatars, wallpapers, or original content, you can quickly find your favorite artist here.

The platform ensures secure transactions, efficient tools for managing projects, and a convenient cloud synchronization feature, allowing you to enjoy a unique experience in creating graphic materials and swiftly meet various outsourcing needs for artistic projects.


Features of Platform


1. Convenient and Easy-to-Use Mi Painter Release Template. Mi Painter offers a ready-made template for creating requests. Regardless of your experience level—whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner—you can quickly start working and publish a request in just 3 minutes.

2. Simple and Clear Invitation Function. You can send 10 invitations every day to invite your favorite artists and allow them to assess your work. Once they respond, collaboration can begin. You can also send personalized requirements visible only to selected artists.

3. Well-Designed Display Page: If you can't invite your favorite artist, Mi Painter also provides two columns—a list of artists and a list of works—to help you find and choose artists. Once you find an artist, you can immediately send them an invitation.

4. Strict and Standardized Workflow. Once collaboration begins, the artist will provide work in four stages: draft, line draft, colored draft, and finished draft. Each stage of work is subject to customer review, and the customer deposits funds on Mihuashi in accordance with the progress of the work.

The platform provides financial guarantees at each stage of the process, and neither party needs to worry about transaction risks. All work is stored in cloud storage.


Registration on Mihuashi


To register, go to and click «Registration» in the upper right corner. Choose to register as a customer or artist, create a password, enter your phone number, confirm your agreement with the site's terms, and click «Register». After successful registration, you will have access to various Mihuashi features, such as creating an artist profile, uploading and selling your work, communicating with other artists, and much more.


Buy a Virtual Number for


1. To access your account, log in to using your email address. Access is only possible through email.

2. Then go to the balance replenishment page using the appropriate tabs or sections. Your funds will be credited to your balance immediately after replenishment.

3. After replenishing your balance, return to the main page to select the country and service «米画师Mihuashi». You can also use the search function by entering the service name in your account. Click «Get a Number».

4. Copy the purchased number and paste it into the appropriate registration form. Then request an SMS confirmation code.

5. Use the received code to complete the registration.

You can also use a temporary virtual number to receive SMS messages and register on platforms such as BeReal, BIGO LIVE, Mercari, and other online platforms.