Yellow Taxi — bonuses and discounts for rides and purchases in the app

In Israel, all taxis are owned by private companies. However, their operations are strictly regulated by the government. There are numerous taxi companies in the market, including Yellow Taxi. For convenience, you can download their mobile application and book taxis through it. It's worth noting that the fare for intercity taxi rides has a fixed rate, and the meter may not be turned on, so it's advisable to confirm the cost with the driver or the company over the phone in advance.

Advantages of the Yellow App


1. Upon downloading the Yellow app, you receive a welcome gift and 30 shekels, which will accumulate after adding a credit card.

2. The app also provides a digital wallet for easy payments at Yellow, Super Yoda stores, various supermarkets, and offers cashback.

3. The «Refuel with One Click» feature allows you to pay for fuel at Paz stations, receive a code through the app, and accumulate bonuses for each liter of fuel.

4. Paz Charge stations offer fast charging stations for electric cars, where bonuses are also accrued. Discounts, coupons, and offers are available for loyalty program participants.

5. Ordering coffee through the Yellow Taxi app allows you to receive the drink upon arrival at the station. Special offers on coffee and pastries are also available.


Privileges and Benefits Program

The Paz app offers a convenient option to pay for car wash services through the mobile application. Users not only get a spotlessly clean car but also have the opportunity to earn a 10% discount by making payments through the app.

In the lobbies of residential buildings, there are small refrigerators where you can buy fresh products. Purchases made through the Yellow app not only provide convenience but also earn users a 10% accumulation of the total cost with each transaction. Also, when you order through the Pizza Hut app, you receive a 10% discount that accumulates in your wallet for each order.

Inviting friends to the app brings additional benefits. For each invited friend who uses the credit card through your provided link, users receive 20 shekels, and the invited friends receive 30 shekels to start their accumulations.


Always On the Go

The Yellow app provides information on the locations of all Paz stations, yellow stores, and various supermarkets, including refueling and charging stations. Users can easily check operating hours and get route guidance. Information about stations operating 24/7, the availability of car washes, and the option to filter by various criteria, such as on-the-go coffee, ATM availability, full-service refueling, as well as Paz charging stations and others, is accessible.


Buy a Virtual Number for Yellow


1. Register or directly log in to the web portal

2. In the «Top Up Balance» section, select the amount you want to deposit and make the payment using the provided methods.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator from the drop-down list.

4. After logging in or on the homepage, find «Yellow» and click «Get Number».

5. Copy the SMS message that will be used to complete the registration process.

All information about virtual numbers for receiving SMS, including their cost and the duration of their activity, is available in the «Ordered Numbers» section in the personal account. These temporary numbers can also be used for registration on various apps and websites, such as FreeNow (formerly MyTaxi), Spark Driver, WOG (West Oil Group), and others.