Walmart: a wide range of products for online shopping

Online shopping has gained enormous popularity because it saves a lot of time – there's no need to visit multiple stores; everything can be viewed and ordered online. There are numerous online shopping platforms offering these services. One of the most well-known services is the Walmart online store.

Walmart is the world's largest retailer, with over ten thousand stores in different countries, primarily in the USA, Mexico, Canada, South America, the UK (Asda), South Africa, and China.

Features of Walmart retail


1. Wide Range of Brands. Walmart offers products from well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Lego, LEI, Wrangler, Disney, Hanes, and many others. All products undergo quality checks before being sold, ensuring no counterfeit items are available.

2. Low Prices. Walmart purchases products in massive quantities, allowing them to offer goods from renowned manufacturers at lower prices compared to official brand stores.

3. Extensive Assortment. It's hard to imagine an item not available at Walmart. They offer clothing, shoes, sporting goods, groceries, children's products, automotive supplies, and much more.

4. Sales and Discounts. Throughout the year, Walmart hosts significant sales events. Shoppers eagerly await «Black Friday», where many items are available at substantial discounts.


How to Buy Walmart Products in Russia?

In Russia, you can also benefit from Walmart's offerings. The only challenge is that Walmart doesn't deliver to Russia and doesn't have a partner for such services. To overcome this obstacle, intermediaries can be used. These intermediaries offer additional services such as combining multiple orders into one, free product storage, and the ability to return and exchange items. Some of these services might be paid, requiring additional payment from the buyer.

Apart from these challenges, the process of placing orders at Walmart is similar to other online stores. Here are the steps:

1. Add the desired items to the cart.

2. Create an account on Walmart.

3. Enter your details, including a delivery address in the USA. You can get an address from an intermediary who will handle the shipping to Russia.

4. Pay for your order using the preferred payment method.

Walmart is not very friendly to Russian customers, so it's recommended to create a Walmart account using a virtual phone number. This allows you to register an account in any available country.


Creating a Walmart Account with a Virtual Number


To create a Walmart account using a virtual number, follow these steps:

1. Go to the registration page and fill in the necessary information to create an account.

2. After creating the account, log in and go to the balance replenishment page using the provided tabs or sections.

3. After successfully replenishing your balance, return to the main page to choose the country and service «Walmart» or find the number by typing the name in the search bar in your account. Then click «Buy».

4. Paste the purchased number into the appropriate registration form and request an SMS with the confirmation code.

5. Use the received code to complete the registration.

By following these steps, you will successfully create an account on Walmart. With a temporary virtual number, you can also register on other online platforms like OPPO, TEMU, Mercado Libre, and more, enabling you to make advantageous purchases.