Mercado Libre — Savings on Online Shopping at the Best Prices

Mercado Libre — one of the largest online platforms in Latin America, where you can buy or sell almost any product. On this platform, you can purchase both new and used high-quality items. The Android app is available for users from 18 countries, including Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Ecuador.

Features of Mercado Libre


1. Items can be purchased either immediately or through auctions.

2. Add items to favorites to receive notifications about price changes. The app notifies users about new products, discounts, and changes in orders.

3. Search filtering by categories and brands. The app offers a wide selection of product categories, including electronics, furniture, cars, sports goods, and much more.

4. Technical specifications, ratings, and image galleries for each product.

5. Users can place their own ads either using a conditionally free method, where a small fee is required depending on the final price, or a standard method with a fixed cost.


Mercado for Sellers and Buyers

The app provides detailed product information in descriptions, allowing users to learn about the product's condition. It enables users to view various products and sellers, providing an overview of other sellers' prices for easy comparison.

The built-in chat system allows users to communicate with sellers and obtain more detailed information about products. Users can ask any questions about the product before making a purchase. The app allows saving favorite items for continuous monitoring of their status to make a purchase at the most advantageous price.

Mercado Libre offers two options for posting ads: basic (free) with higher sales commissions and a standard paid option, where paying a small fee makes the item more prominent. The app also provides the ability to manage sales using a comprehensive dashboard to customize the information that needs to be modified before the sale.


Registration without a Personal Number

To register a new account in the app, you need to provide a phone number to receive an SMS code for verification. If, for any reason, you do not want to enter your personal number or need to create multiple profiles, you can purchase a virtual number. Temporary numbers differ from regular SIM cards as they are purchased for a limited period, and they are much cheaper (usually starting from 1 or a few rubles), and no passport is required for the purchase.


Buy a Virtual Number for Mercado


1. Go to and register (provide your email and create a password) or log in if you are already authorized.

2. Top up your account using any convenient method (Qiwi, YooMoney, Payeer, etc.).

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Mercado» in your account or on the homepage and click «Get a Number».

5. Receive an SMS with the code and enter it in the app to complete the registration.

Many companies offer attractive deals for new customers, such as free delivery, discounts on the first order, and more. With virtual numbers for receiving SMS, you can also register profiles on ZCITY, QROOTO (КРУТО), Mercari, various social networks, dating sites, and classified ad platforms.