Virtual number Egypt +20 for registration without a SIM card

A virtual number from Egypt (+20) is an online number that doesn't require the use of a SIM card. This number exists exclusively on our SMS activation service and can only receive incoming messages. Our service is designed for users who need both single and mass SMS activation of accounts on social networks, messengers, payment systems, dating sites, and any other platforms where SMS verification is required.

What Does It Mean to Receive SMS from One Site Online?


You purchase a virtual phone number for a specific service, and during registration, when you need to receive a code to confirm the number, you get it on our site. Virtual numbers allow users to bypass restrictions placed on registrations from certain countries, making them a useful tool for accessing internet resources that may also be unavailable to residents of specific geographical regions.


Format of Temporary Virtual Numbers in Egypt

Egyptian virtual numbers look just like buying a local SIM card in Egypt: +20 XXX XXX XXX. All available information about the numbers you have taken can be viewed on our website in your personal account.


Benefits of Using Temporary Numbers in Egypt


The advantages of using temporary numbers in Egypt include avoiding the need to purchase physical SIM cards, providing protection from spam, and preventing personal information leakage. Temporary numbers also protect against fraudulent sites that may request a phone number to download a file or view a movie, which could lead to unwanted paid services and subscriptions. You can receive SMS on a one-time SMS number from Egypt without providing personal contact information, making it convenient for registration on services and applications that require SMS verification.


Applications of Temporary Phone Numbers

Temporary phone numbers allow users to remain anonymous when registering on various services and platforms. This is especially important given that knowing a real phone number can reveal personal data such as surname, first name, address, and other personal information. Using a temporary number eliminates the risk of such information leakage.

Temporary numbers are also frequently used to receive discounts and participate in promotions conducted by online stores and services. In such cases, phone number verification via SMS is often required to receive bonuses or discounts.

Temporary phone numbers ensure not only confidentiality and data security but also provide a convenient way to participate in various promotions and bypass geographical restrictions when using internet services.


Buy an Egyptian Virtual Number


1. Go to the website and register or log into your account if you are already registered. The registration process takes about 2-3 minutes.

2. Go to the «Top Up Balance» section and choose a convenient payment method to fund your account.

3. Select the country and operator from the drop-down list.

4. In the «Ordered Numbers» section or on the main page, select a number and click «Get Number».

5. Receive and copy the SMS code needed to complete the registration on the platform.

This way, you will have fully registered accounts without using your personal phone number. The website also offers virtual numbers for registration on various services such as Codashop, Wise, OfferUp, and others. Most numbers on the site are available for as little as 1 ruble.