Codashop — access to virtual purchases and global gaming hits

Hundreds of thousands of gamers and users rely on Codashop for its security, simplicity, and convenience. To make purchases, visit the website at In-game currency is instantly added to your gaming account after payment.

What is Codashop?


Codashop is a global platform for purchasing in-game currency and content trusted by hundreds of thousands of gamers and digital technology users across more than 65 markets worldwide. Codashop offers an incredible digital experience for users of popular games and applications such as VALORANT, GTA, Tinder, and Spotify.


Why choose Codashop?

The Codashop platform provides numerous advantages. It offers more competitive rates compared to traditional app stores, supports tax obligations as a registered seller, and provides access to a reliable and trusted platform. Millions of paying gamers visit Codashop every month, enabling publishers to reach this valuable audience.

Codashop simplifies the payment process by eliminating the need to design, localize, create, host, protect, and maintain their own payment website. Customer support is available in 21 languages, ensuring a high level of satisfaction. Built-in fraud protection and payment refund mechanisms guarantee the security of all transactions.

The platform adheres to global data privacy standards, including CPPA, GDPR, LGPD, and PDPA. With a commission of just 15%, which is half the standard rates, Codashop offers advantageous conditions for developers. Integration with the xShop partner network allows monetization through other e-commerce applications and platforms. Optimized product pages on Codashop contribute to increased conversion rates and revenue maximization.


Registration without a personal phone number

To register in the Codashop application, you need to provide your details and a phone number to receive an SMS verification code. However, in some cases, it may be undesirable to use a personal number, such as when creating multiple accounts for business promotion, registering on dating sites or social networks, or when restoring a profile, as well as to avoid spam.

In such situations, it is recommended to use a virtual number. This is convenient for both personal use and business promotion. Virtual numbers are also significantly cheaper than physical SIM cards.


Buy a virtual number for Codashop


1. Go to the website and register on the site or log in to your account if you have already registered.

2. After registration, click on the «Top-up balance» button in your account. Deposit funds into your account using available payment methods.

3. In the menu, select the country and mobile operator that suits you. This is necessary to obtain a virtual number from a specific operator.

4. Find the «Codashop» service on the main page of the website or in your personal account.

5. Click the «Get number» button to obtain a virtual number. You will use this number to register on Codashop.

6. Go to the Codashop website or app and start the registration process. Enter all required information, including the virtual number you received.

7. Wait for the SMS with the confirmation code to arrive on your virtual number. Enter this code on the Codashop website or app to complete the registration.

Using a virtual phone number is also suitable for registering on other platforms such as Claude, CallApp, Yandex Refueling, and others. Additionally, you can rent numbers for long-term use if needed.