Wise — cost-effective international money transfers

With the Wise app, you can easily send money, receive payments from abroad, check exchange rates, pay bills, and transfer money to your loved ones.

What is Wise?


Wise is a UK-based company that provides low-fee money transfer services to various countries. Unlike banks, which often charge hidden fees and manipulate exchange rates, Wise offers transparent pricing. The cost of a transfer varies depending on the type of payment, amount, currency, and destination country. Wise is popular among both individuals and businesses, offering business accounts with fees not exceeding 2%.


Benefits of Wise

Wise offers numerous benefits, including the ability to send, pay, store, and receive money in 170 countries and over 50 currencies with low fees. One of the key advantages is transparency: the service uses the mid-market exchange rate and informs users of low fees in advance. Wise ensures fast transfers to over 70 countries, with more than half of the transactions completed instantly.

With Wise debit cards, you can pay and withdraw money in over 170 countries, with automatic currency conversion at the lowest possible rate. Online shopping is also secure with single-use digital cards. You can store and convert funds in over 50 currencies.

Additionally, Wise provides local account details for the US, EU, and other countries, allowing you to receive payments in the required currencies for free and set up direct debits.


Reliability and Regulation

Wise is regulated by the FCA in the UK and other regulatory bodies worldwide. Learn more at wise.com.


How to Register with the Wise App


To register with the app after downloading it, you can use your email address or a Google or Facebook account.

Registration Process:

1. Confirm your phone number.

2. Choose the type of account you want to create: personal or business.

3. Verification takes about two days, after which you will have access to advanced features.


Registration Without a Personal Phone Number

To register with the app, you need to provide your details and a phone number to receive an SMS confirmation code. In some cases, it may be undesirable to use your personal number, such as when registering multiple accounts for business promotion, on a dating site or social network, recovering a profile, or if you simply want to avoid spam and unwanted calls. If these conditions apply to you, it is recommended to use a virtual number. This can be useful for both personal use and business promotion. A virtual number is significantly cheaper than a physical SIM card.


Buy a Virtual Number for Wise


1. Go to https://smsak.org/ and register.

2. Click the «Top Up Balance» button and add funds.

3. Select the desired country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Wise» on the main page or in your account.

5. Click the «Get Number» button.

6. Enter all the required information for registration on the selected site.

7. After receiving the SMS, complete the registration.

With a virtual phone number, you can also register on Seated, Taptap Send, Sikayetvar.com, and other platforms. Additionally, we always have numbers available for long-term rental.