Virtual numbers for Handy Pick registration

The Handy Pick app specializes in predicting the prices of various tokens and offers rewards for successful predictions, as well as bonuses for registration and referral invitations. The core idea of the service is for users to predict the price movement and earn income based on their predictions.

Learn about cryptocurrencies and earn


Handy Pick is a platform for forecasting that allows you to learn more about cryptocurrencies and their fluctuations in the stock market. The app enables users to participate in daily games and gain access to events. The service provides constantly updated information about financial markets and prices for a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Additionally, users can communicate with each other in chats and forums.

To participate in the games, users need to enter each game and predict whether the price will rise or fall within a specific timeframe. Once the result is available, users can see the success of their prediction and check if they have won a prize. When users accumulate a sufficient number of points, they can exchange them for cash.


How to install the app: instructions

1. Download the app on IOS or Android.

2. Agree to the terms of service.

3. Click on the profile icon.

4. Registration can be done via email or Google profile.

5. Create and enter a password — remember or write it down for token withdrawal.

6. Click on the profile icon again and then select «languages» to choose English (the default language in the app is Chinese).

7. Complete the registration and receive 100 tokens.

Withdrawal limits and conditions


Users can withdraw from 2000 Handy to 20000 Handy daily.

To prevent abuse by users and stabilize fund withdrawals, the entire Handy withdrawal process is done manually.

Users need to request withdrawal once a day before 00:00 KST (every day), and the Handy withdrawal will be processed on the next day at 15:00 KST.


Virtual phone number for Handy Pick registration

To identify users, most platforms require a phone number to receive an SMS confirmation code. However, there are situations where multiple accounts are needed, or to avoid intrusive ads and notifications, etc. In such cases, a virtual number can be purchased.

A virtual number is almost the same as a regular SIM card but costs much less and is issued for a specific period, which is usually sufficient for registration on the desired platform.


Buy a virtual number


1. To purchase a number, visit, log in or go through a quick registration process.

2. Click on «Top Up Balance».

3. Choose the desired country and operator.

4. Find «Handy» on the homepage or through the search in your account.

5. Receive an SMS with the confirmation code and complete the registration.

You can also access Handy Pick through Mail Group, Yahoo Mail, or Google profiles.

A virtual number can be used to register on dating websites, place sports bets, use delivery services, etc., without needing to provide your personal number, ensuring online privacy. If you have any questions, you can contact our managers in the chat, and they will try to respond as quickly as possible.