Uplata for making payments, making transfers and non-cash payments

Uplata is a startup based in Odessa, Ukraine. The company's main mission is to simplify access to the benefits of non-cash payments. It primarily operates as a non-banking service and offers an infrastructure consisting of an online payment service and its own card.

Uplata Visa is a payment card provided by the Uplata service, allowing customers to utilize various services, conduct different financial transfers, and gain quick access through the application from any part of the country.


Using the Uplata Visa Card

To start using the Visa card, follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the official Uplata Visa website and place an online or offline order. You can check where it's convenient for you to pick up the card on the website.

2. Activate the card by following the provided SMS instructions.

3. After activation, you can immediately make payments, top up the card through terminals, and transfer money.

4. Download the Uplata app for enhanced convenience. The app allows you to perform various transactions, top up your phone balance, pay utility bills, and make purchases.


Advantages of Uplata Visa Card

The card is available at most sales points, and you don't need to have a bank account.

Your data is guaranteed to be secure due to the protective system, preventing any fraudulent activities.

You can apply for the card in just a few clicks and receive it instantly.

The card can be shared with your family and friends for making purchases.


Requirements for Getting the Card

Visit the Uplata website or download the app.

Fill out the application form with the necessary details.

Receive the card and start using it online immediately


Virtual Phone Number for Registration


For registering profiles on various resources, social networks, dating sites, and making online purchases, entering your phone number is mandatory. This is a reasonable security measure: SMS verification reduces the risk of account hacking. A virtual number can be a solution, and you can purchase it on our platform. These numbers are indistinguishable from regular physical SIM cards, but you don't need to visit a telecom store for them to work.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. Visit https://smsak.org/ and complete the registration process or log in to your existing profile.

2. Top up your balance with the desired amount.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator.

4. Search for «Uplata» in your personal account or on the main page and click «Get number».

5. Receive an SMS with the code to complete the registration.

You can register an account using a virtual number on various platforms such as Potato chat, Spaces ru, Blockchain, and more. Virtual numbers are also available for long-term rental; click «Rent» and select the desired country and mobile operator. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the chat.