Microsoft 10 account without phone number

Microsoft Account in Windows 10 represents a new concept of authorization in the operating system. Windows users are already familiar with the concept of an account. In other words, it's your personal profile that allows users quick access to Windows and the ability to use various Microsoft services.

To verify the user and enhance security, a phone number is linked to the Microsoft account. A special code is sent to this number for completing the authorization.

Here's how it works: You enter your login and password, then a message with a code arrives on your phone, and you need to enter it in a special field on the screen.


Services available with a Microsoft account

One account provides access to various services:

1. Outlook Mail (regular email address).

2. OneDrive cloud storage (stores your personal files - photos, music, documents). New Microsoft account owners get 5 GB on OneDrive for free.

3. Skype (for video communication).

4. Xbox services (games).

5. Bing Search (Microsoft's search service, although Google and Yandex remain leaders).

6. Microsoft Store (where you can purchase various computer applications).

7. Linking the account with Office allows installing and reinstalling Office without a product key, disc, or flash drive.

8. Windows OS. The same profile can be used for different versions of Windows.

A profile combines accounts for authorization on Microsoft services under one name. Any existing email address can be used as an email mailbox.


Microsoft Account without a Phone Number

To create a Microsoft account, you usually need to provide a phone number. By using a virtual telephony service like, you can avoid specifying your personal phone or getting a physical SIM card. On the service, you get a virtual number for SMS reception starting from 1 ruble (the price depends on the selected country and operator). After receiving the number, you have 25 minutes to register a new account (the number is valid for this duration).

Instructions for creating a new Microsoft account using a virtual number:

1. Go through quick registration on

2. Select «Add Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «Microsoft» and click «Get Number».

5. The number is purchased. Enter the received phone on the website and click «Next». In the following windows, enter your password, name, and date of birth.

6. Click on «Get code via SMS».

7. Enter the received code. Registration is complete.



Now you have a full-fledged Microsoft account registered without a phone number. Advantages the profile offers to users:

1. Access your account from various devices.

2. Access to all Microsoft services.

3. Work without internet access with saved cache.

4. Install the desired applications from the Windows Store.

With virtual numbers, you can not only create a Microsoft account but also set up profiles on various social networks such as VK, Instagram, OK, FB, etc.