Twitch — an application for viewing and broadcasting

Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows users to watch videos online and past broadcasts. Apart from video game streams, users can enjoy musical performances, poker tournaments, and more. Viewers can watch streams from various content creators, engage in live chat (IRL), and make donations (donations) to support their favorite channels. The chat feature allows players to discuss various topics, not limited to just gaming. The website hosts numerous themed channels, ensuring there's something interesting for everyone.

Service Twitch Purpose


Twitch Video is a platform for streaming video games and esports competitions. Additionally, it offers concerts, hobby masterclasses, talk shows, and glimpses into everyday life. Users not only watch streams but also influence content, participate in video creation, and financially support their favorite streamers. Streamers can showcase their passions, interact with the audience, and receive donations to fund their activities.


Features and Functionality

Managing Twitch is possible through gestures. Swipe left or right to control streams and swipe down to access channel catalogs. Whether on a smartphone or PC, users can enjoy:

- Exclusive content about computer games;

- Real-time chat for communication with participants;

- Dark theme option;

- Ability to start streaming via the application.

Streamers can use various programs to enhance their streams, customize their videos, and create unique emojis. Twitch supports creators' growth, providing popular streamers access to additional platform features and opportunities to earn from their passions. This also helps them establish a recognizable presence online.


How to Register Without a Personal Number

For those wanting to enjoy content like Syberia, Dying Light, and Saints Row while also earning on Amazon's streaming service, having multiple accounts on Twitch is useful. However, each account can be linked to only one mobile phone number.

To register multiple profiles, consider purchasing a virtual number. This ensures continuous access to Twitch streams even if the main account is blocked or if you lose access to your contacts. Having multiple accounts and effectively promoting content can increase your earnings through streaming.


Buy a Virtual Number for Twitch


1. Register on or log in if you already have an account.

2. Click your username, select «Top up balance», and enter the desired amount. Pay using any available methods on the website.

3. Choose the country and operator from the dropdown menu on the page and find «Twitch» to «Get a number».

4. Copy the received SMS message to complete the registration on Twitch.

To view information about purchased virtual numbers for SMS, go to your account and open the «Ordered numbers» section. Here, you'll find the numbers, purchase amount, received SMS, and the remaining time to receive the message. You can use the temporary number to register on various services, including 4game, Azino888,, and others. On average, the process of purchasing a number takes no more than 3-4 minutes.