4game platform — the best online games

4game is a gaming platform owned by Innova and was launched for European countries in 2011 with the game Lineage 2. Since then, the platform has gained popularity and expanded its game catalog, including RF and other games.

In 4game, there is an online store for electronic game keys from various companies such as Steam and Ubisoft. Additionally, an electronic publication about the gaming industry called «Fogeymer» was created based on 4game.

Since mid-2018, PC games played online are loaded through a desktop application, simplifying game access and enhancing the platform's user convenience.


Features of 4game.com

Among the advantages of 4game are browser game support, background mode operation, high data exchange speed, and account security features ensuring the safety of users' gaming data. The platform also offers a news feed where users can find the latest updates and news about games. Users can receive notifications via email about the release of new games. The platform also has an auto-start feature with the operating system.

However, the platform has some drawbacks, including the relatively challenging progression in online games without making in-game purchases (donations). Occasionally, there are glitches in updating Point Blank and the requirement for a phone number during registration.

Despite its drawbacks, the latest 4game update for Windows has replaced the utilitarian Launcher application and provides an update tracking tool. Games like Point Blank, Ayun, and Lineage are among the supported client games on the platform.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

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