Fliff Sports Predictions — Play, Win, Earn

Fliff is a sports game set in a social betting environment, transforming sports predictions into social entertainment. In the game, you compete with other players, climb up the rankings, complete tasks, and unlock badges and rewards for your activity. Fliff integrates advertising games and a reward system, enhancing the social experience and providing sports enthusiasts with the opportunity to earn prizes and rewards.

Using FLIFF CASH for Games


Participants can use Fliff Cash in lotteries on the platform to win additional funds. These funds can be exchanged for money and prizes according to the rules. Players can switch between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash modes, using the latter in lotteries. Correct predictions increase the balance, but incorrect ones do not refund spent funds. The right to win Fliff Cash exists only in lotteries using them.

Money won in the game can be exchanged for prizes, following specific rules. Automated gaming and exchange methods are prohibited. Sponsor decisions are final. To redeem Fliff Cash, you must use them in the game with a certain probability of winning. The sponsor has the right to change game conditions and payouts. Participants must verify prizes before participation.


Difference Between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash

Fliff Coins are an in-game currency used for entertainment. They allow participation in games, earning experience, moving up in rankings, and receiving in-game rewards and achievements within the Fliff community. However, they cannot be exchanged for real money or prizes outside the game.

On the other hand, Fliff Cash is a special currency that can be obtained for free or won in games. It is used in promotional draws and can be exchanged for real prizes or used in other games on the Fliff platform. To use Fliff Cash for prize winnings, specific conditions must be met, and the account must be verified according to the platform rules. Thus, Fliff Coins are intended for internal entertainment, while Fliff Cash allows participation in real draws and their exchange for tangible prizes.


Prizes in the Fliff App

A participant's Fliff Cash balance is displayed in their wallet on the platform. Participants must successfully pass identity verification (KYC) before receiving a prize by providing the necessary documents. The maximum prize payout is $5,000 in New York or Florida. The minimum prize redemption amount is 50 Fliff Cash (equivalent to $50). Fees may apply for payment processing. The limit for Fliff Cash redemption is $1,000 per week. Fliff Cash cannot be transferred or replaced. Prize redemption requests are accepted only through the platform.


Buy a Virtual Number for Fliff


1. Register or Log In: Visit https://smsak.org/ and register if you don't have an account, or log in to an existing one.

2. Top Up Your Balance: Recharge your balance on the site, specifying the desired amount and choosing a convenient payment method.

3. Select Country and Operator: On the site, choose your country and operator, then find «Fliff» and click «Get Number».

4. Enter the Virtual Number: During registration, enter the received virtual number in the appropriate field and wait for the SMS message.

5. Complete Registration: After receiving the SMS message, complete the registration, and you can immediately start using the Fliff app.

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