Kaching — Instant Payouts for Surveys

Kaching is a popular money-making application that rewards users for their opinions. Upon registration, you have the opportunity to earn $1 by simply completing your first survey. This acts as a small participation bonus.

After successfully completing each survey, the earned money is instantly credited to your account. This means you can quickly receive money for your efforts through PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp without waiting for lengthy processing periods.

Whether you are an experienced user of other money-making apps or just starting your journey in the world of paid surveys, Kaching is suitable for everyone. This app provides the opportunity to earn money regardless of your location, making it convenient and accessible for everyone interested. You can start earning wherever you are by downloading Kaching.


More about the App


The Kaching app for Android falls under the «Lifestyle» category. The current version of the app is 1.28, with the latest update on August 3, 2023. According to Google Play data, Kaching has exceeded 12,000 installations. Currently, the app has over a thousand reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

Kaching is a highly-rated app that rewards users for participating in surveys, daily polls, and cash giveaways. With this app, you can receive real cash rewards for your opinions.


Earning with Kaching

With the Kaching app, you can earn $1 just by participating in your first survey after free registration. This dollar serves as a small bonus that you receive as a welcome reward for your participation. It's a great incentive to start earning right after installing the app.

Each subsequent survey you successfully complete results in instant payouts. This means the earned money is credited to your account immediately, without any delays. You can choose from various payment methods, including PayPal, Venmo, or CashApp, making the money withdrawal process incredibly convenient and flexible.

Kaching is suitable for both experienced users of other money-making apps such as Swagbucks, Poll Pay, Attapoll, or Foap, as well as beginners in the world of paid surveys. This app provides the opportunity to earn money on the go, making it an ideal way to utilize your free time and increase your income, regardless of your experience.

Currently, version 1.28 is available, optimized for various devices, and can be downloaded for free directly from the Google Play Store or other sources provided by the developers. No registration or login is required to download.


How to Register in the App Without a Personal Phone Number


To register in the Kaching app without using your personal phone number, you can use a virtual number. A virtual number is a temporary phone number not linked to your personal information. It can be used to create additional profiles or to maintain anonymity online.


Buy a Virtual Number for Kaching


1. Register on https://smsak.org/ or log in to your account if you're already registered.

2. Go to the «Add Funds» section. Enter the desired amount and make the payment using one of the provided methods.

3. Select the country and mobile operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find «Kaching» in your account or on the main page and click «Get Number».

5. Copy the SMS message that will be used to complete the registration in the app.

All information about the virtual number for SMS reception, its cost, and the remaining time to receive SMS messages is available in the «Ordered Numbers» section in your account. Such a temporary number can also be used to register on Pgbonus, Things, Coca-Cola, and other platforms.