Lightchat - an application for exchanging voice messages and meeting new people

Lightchat is an application for real-time streaming where everyone can meet, chat, and make friends! It's a social network for online dating—communication with friends and sharing life within chats, dates, and meetings. With Lightchat, you can find interesting people, connect with those you like, make new acquaintances, and find your perfect match. You can choose people you find interesting to chat with.

Lightchat is a popular group chat and entertainment online community. You can play games and chat with friends via voice chat.


Advantages of the Lightchat Application

1. No Need to Show Your Face in Chat: You can participate in various social chats and interactive games using your voice without revealing your face. Meet people from thousands of different places, find like-minded individuals, and make friends.

2. Global Connectivity: Worldwide coverage and easy communication with a large number of interesting people.

3. Communication Through Voice Chat: A fast and convenient way to exchange news and discuss interesting events.

4. Public Chats: The app allows you to view chats from around the world, covering hundreds of different topics.

5. Fun Activities: View profiles of people around you, see their photos, likes, and interests to get to know them better.

6. Send Gifts: A wide variety of gifts, beautiful avatar frames, and other decorations to choose from.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration on Lightchat

To register on most platforms, you need to provide your phone number — this is required for participating in various promotions, receiving discount cards, registering electronic wallet promoting accounts, and much more.

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Buy a Virtual Number


1. If you are not registered on our platform, go to, click «Register», and fill in the required field — you only need an email address. If you have already registered, simply log in.

2. Click «Top Up Balance» and enter the desired amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Once the country and mobile operator are selected, find «Lightchat». If you encounter difficulties, go to the ordered numbers and search for «Lightchat» in the search bar and click «Get Number».

5. Copy the rented number and paste it into the registration form to receive SMS.

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