Discount card for a large fuel company KraisNeft

When translated from German, «Krais» means «edge», and «Kreis» means «chain», «region», or «circle» (the pronunciation is practically the same). The company's name encapsulates its strategy. The focus is on the development of industrial businesses, while the circle symbolizes balance and completeness in fulfilling commitments.

The KraisNeft logo incorporates several development directions—technology (the circle represents a pipe section), the desire to maintain a balance between human activity and nature, serving as a symbol of the unity of these components.


Company Advantages in Irkutsk and the surrounding areas offers customers a wide range of fuel options. Additionally, the company is dedicated to developing alternative fueling methods, such as gas.

KraisNeft has earned the trust of partners and customers due to its principled approach to work and the quality of goods and services provided. Car owners also have the option for self-service, allowing them to check tire pressure and inflate them for free if needed.


Discount System

According to the director of KraisNeft (the website shares the same name:, the experience of major fuel companies and technological progress enables the organization to create the most advantageous and convenient means of obtaining privileges. The updated program allows the organization to view each customer as an individual, tailoring the most attractive offers specifically for them.

Regarding the discount system, the previous version was understandable to a large number of clients. However, the company emphasized making the updated system as simple, convenient, and transparent as possible. After analyzing the loyalty programs of major fuel companies and selecting and adapting the best solutions, KraisNeft is ready to offer its customers a beneficial and convenient bonus program. Additionally, customers can receive increased bonuses for the first month upon registration.

If you already own a discount card, it automatically becomes a bonus card. Deductions are possible only after registering on the official website.


Buy a Virtual Number


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3. Choose the country and then the mobile operator.

4. Find «KraisNeft» on the main page or in «Ordered Numbers».

5. Click «Get Number».

6. Enter the registration details on the website and then click «Next».

7. Receive an SMS with the code, then complete the registration.

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