Sikayetvar — reviews about products and services on the website and in the app, founded in 2001, is an online platform acting as an intermediary between customers and brands. Every year, the site receives over 450,000 complaints, all of which eventually find resolution. With approximately 20 million monthly visitors, people use this platform to review complaints and their resolutions before making purchasing decisions.

Why might a consumer find useful?


1. To read reviews from real buyers about various products or services, aiding in informed purchasing decisions.

2. To compare different brands to determine the best option.

3.  file their own complaint and receive an effective resolution.

After filing a complaint, the seller automatically receives notification via email. Most brands are already registered on the site, and consumers simply need to select the corresponding logo. If a desired brand isn't on the site, consumers can provide known contact details, and the system will notify the seller of the complaint.

The internet portal Sikayetvar is highly popular, and no brand wants to be at the center of negative attention. Therefore, sellers promptly respond to customer feedback and actively work to resolve issues.


Sikayetvar App

Users can file complaints in written or verbal form through the app. Photos or videos related to the problem can be attached to the complaint. Users have access to all the details of their complaint directly through the app.

Key advantages of the Sikayetvar app:

1. No need to enter a password each time you log in.

2. Complaints can be filed in written or verbal form.

3. Quick video uploads.

4. Instant notification of all events related to the complaint.

5. Opportunity to increase membership level by completing tasks that earn points.


Why register with Xolvie Sikayetvar?

Registration allows companies interested in resolving your issue to contact you. To register, you need to provide your name, email address, and phone number. Optionally, you can provide additional information about yourself. Additionally, the organization may request additional information directly from you.


Registration without a personal number

Registration in the Sikayetvar app requires providing a phone number for user identification. If you prefer not to disclose your personal information, you can use a virtual number. Such a number allows you to receive messages with a verification code while maintaining your privacy.


Buy a virtual number on Sikayetvar


1. Log in to your account on the website or register. You'll need an email address and a password.

2. Go to the «Top Up Balance» section and add the required amount using the chosen payment method.

3. Then select the country and operator from the available list.

4. Find «Sikayetvar» on the homepage or in the «Ordered Numbers» section and click «Get Number».

5. Receive and copy the SMS code to complete registration on the chosen resource.

A virtual registration number will be available for approximately 25 minutes. Use it to receive SMS. All information about purchased numbers will be available in the «Ordered Numbers» section. By using virtual numbers to receive SMS, you can register accounts with CallApp, AstroPay, BytePlus.

Additionally, the website offers a virtual number rental service. To do this, go to the homepage, select the «Rent» section, specify the country and rental duration. The cost will depend on the chosen country and rental duration.