CallApp call manager, caller identification, spam protection

Caller ID & Block — an application for managing incoming calls. Its main function is to prevent unwanted calls by blocking specific phone numbers that you choose.

CallApp offers much more than just number blocking. One of its key features is the ability to use it as an extended phonebook. The application automatically recognizes and complements contacts in the phone number list with information from publicly available sources, including data from social networks.


Advantages of the CallApp application

CallApp links contacts with social networks, meaning that you can easily access the profiles of your contacts and interact with them directly from the application. For example, you can make calls via Skype, send messages via Facebook or in chat, as well as publish tweets — all without leaving the application. CallApp becomes your main tool for communication, combining contact manager functions with social networking capabilities. The application helps you stay in touch with important people, making communication even more convenient and effective.


Caller ID & Block CallApp APK

Caller ID offers advanced caller identification technology to identify unknown numbers, covering over 7 billion numbers. This helps avoid the need to ask «who called me» and always be aware of who is calling, thanks to call tracking capabilities and the use of the phonebook. The application also helps reduce telemarketing and spam calls. The phone number search function allows you to quickly find and identify numbers.


Caller ID & Block spam call blocker

The spam call blocker offers the ability to stop robot calls and block unwanted numbers and contacts. Users can add numbers to the blacklist to block telemarketing calls, robots, and fraudulent calls. This tool also allows you to block spam using the caller ID blocking function. Advanced blacklist parameters and robot call filter settings allow you to customize blocking according to user needs.


Automatic Call Recorder (ACR)

The Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) in the CallApp application allows you to automatically record calls. Use the Callerid calling app for convenient call recording. This feature also helps record calls from potential scammers. Thanks to CallApp, you can identify who is calling, recognize unknown subscribers and numbers, and access a convenient phonebook user interface. The caller ID provides call tracking and phone number search features, providing a new level of user experience.


Buy a virtual number for CallApp


1. Log in to your account on the website or register if you don't have one yet. You will need an email address and create a password for this.

2. Go to the «Top up balance» section and top it up with the required amount using the selected payment method.

3. Then select the country and operator from the available list.

4. Find the virtual number «CallApp» on the main page or in the «Ordered numbers» section and click «Get number».

5. Get and copy the SMS code to complete the registration on the selected resource.

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