BytePlus — opportunities for content and media industry

Based on ByteDance technologies, solutions aimed at maximizing client growth are provided. A team of specialists works closely with clients to enhance their products, improve user experience, and drive business development.

How ByteDance Enhances Quality


Continuous improvement of customer service quality is considered key to success in modern business. By leveraging ByteDance's research and development, cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and big data can be combined to create a unique experience that both attracts and converts.

The BytePlus concept emerged in 2018 when founders sought to provide corporate clients with solutions based on the latest technologies. The goal was to help enterprises achieve growth trajectories similar to ByteDance's. Thanks to advanced capabilities like personalization, these tools served as building blocks for companies aiming to expedite the digital transformation process. Currently, the BytePlus team spans three continents, with 10 new products in the portfolio.


Ready-made video solutions for fast and easy real-time streaming by ByteDance

The offered video solution enables fast and easy real-time streaming with interactive features to engage the audience. The platform has been tested to support seamless streaming for 10 million simultaneous viewers and can be customized to fit client branding.


Fast loading and intelligent management with BytePlus

By using the BytePlus Live SaaS platform, users can quickly set up and launch interactive video streams. Products can be highlighted using strategically placed advertising blocks that impact conversions and real-time purchases.

BytePlus CDN offers excellent digital capabilities for end-users worldwide. It provides a reliable and connected network for maximum performance. Intelligent traffic peak management is achieved through global server load balancing based on DNS.


High-performance infrastructure for your website

Global POP distribution ensures fast website loading, low connection latency, and a high likelihood of successful loading. Managing cached content allows for maximum storage volume expansion. High-performance infrastructure ensures high availability, including servers based on solid-state drives and specialized optimization software.

Secure protocols such as HTTP2, HTTPS, QUIC, IPv4, and IPv6 are supported. Reports with high detail and informational report panels at the domain and URL level provide real-time operational notifications and alerts.


Buy a virtual number for BytePlus


1. Log in to your account on the website or go through a simple registration process, which will take only 2-3 minutes. You will only need to provide an email address and create a password.

2. Go to the «Top-up balance» section and top up your account with the required amount using the chosen payment method.

3. Select the country and operator from the drop-down list.

4. Find the virtual number «BytePlus» on the homepage or in the «Ordered numbers» section and click «Get number».

5. Receive and copy the SMS code that will be sent to the virtual number to complete registration on the chosen resource.

Virtual numbers for registration are also available on the website for use in Apple ID, Samsung, Signal, and other services.