Serbia - virtual numbers for registering accounts

For successful registration on the majority of websites, SMS verification is often required in 95% of cases. But what to do when you need to create a second account or register without using a real phone number? It is recommended to use disposable SMS numbers to protect personal data.

By utilizing virtual numbers from Serbia (+381), you can easily register additional accounts while ensuring confidentiality. Our Serbian disposable number service provides the opportunity to register accounts and confirm identity in various services and applications. Receive SMS with codes and validate your actions without revealing your real phone number.


Who can benefit from SMS reception services?

1. Bloggers: For those using boosting and activity increase, the service offers the option to rent thousands of numbers.

2. Using a Serbian disposable SMS number provides convenience for registration in services requiring SMS confirmation without disclosing the actual phone number, especially when creating temporary accounts.

3. Advertisers: Post ads without additional expenses, creating new accounts using virtual numbers.

4. Fans of promotions and discounts: Obtain new numbers to participate in promotions and receive additional bonuses.

5. Voting enthusiasts: Use virtual numbers for voting without providing a real number.


Advantages of using Serbian temporary numbers

1. No need to buy SIM cards. No requirement to purchase physical SIM cards.

2. Wide selection of platforms. The website offers a broad range of platforms, online stores, dating sites, and messengers.

3. Fast SMS reception service.

4. Telegram bot and loyalty program. Additional benefits are provided for active clients.

5. Spam protection. Use a temporary anonymous number to avoid SMS spam in the future.

6. Overcoming regional restrictions. Virtual numbers allow you to bypass restrictions and sanctions against operators in your country.

7. For business purposes. If you need a large number of virtual numbers from different countries, you can become a wholesale customer and use the SMS activator at a minimal cost.


How to buy a virtual number from Serbia


1. Register and log in to your account. This step grants you access to services on the website (where you can buy or rent a virtual number for an extended period).

2. Top up your account balance to pay for the virtual number. Use bank cards, electronic payments, or cryptocurrency.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator. In your personal account, select Serbia, check the availability of numbers, and choose the necessary service.

4. Click «Get Number» to obtain a virtual number specifically designed for a particular service.

5. In «Ordered Numbers», you will see a list of provided numbers with the specified usage time.

6. Copy and paste the virtual number during registration on the required platforms for SMS reception.

7. After receiving an SMS with the code, copy it and complete the registration process on the corresponding platform.

Temporary numbers are also available for various countries, including Estonia, Cyprus, Morocco, and others. We offer convenient conditions and support for successful online registration at