Verification with temporary virtual numbers of Estonia

Estonia, as a young Baltic state, boasts a robust economy and attractive prospects for business. Since joining the European Union in 2004, the country has provided favorable conditions for entrepreneurial activities on its territory. According to the «Double Taxation Absence» law, Estonia has entered into agreements with many countries, promoting the development of business activities in the financial sector.

Many entrepreneurs believe that Estonia offers all the necessary conditions for successful business development, leading them to establish companies on its soil or manage businesses remotely. There is also a practice of acquiring Estonian virtual phone numbers, especially relevant for those who frequently travel across the Baltic countries.


Temporary Estonian Numbers for Message Reception

Virtual SMS numbers in Estonia with the +372 code provide a convenient service, enabling users to stay connected from anywhere in the world. These temporary phone numbers allow receiving online text messages from any location, utilizing a temporary number in Estonia.

Advantages of the virtual message reception service include:

- No need to purchase a physical SIM card to receive SMS messages.

- Independence of the number's operation from mobile network coverage (all operations are carried out over the internet) and no requirement for additional equipment.

- Availability of the service worldwide.

- Protection against the risk of receiving spam after registration on various platforms.

- Ability to receive an unlimited number of messages.


Secure Use of Estonian Virtual Phone Numbers

Anyone wishing to receive SMS messages from Estonia can register on their desired platforms, social networks, messengers, and other platforms without disclosing their real phone numbers. This serves as an additional layer of protection, guarding against spam campaigns by advertisers, positively impacting overall user safety and confidentiality.


Buy an Estonian Virtual Number


1. Log in to your account on the website or register by providing only your email address and creating a password.

2. After entering the personal account, go to the «Top Up Balance» section by clicking on your username, enter the required amount, and choose the payment method.

3. Select the country and mobile operator.

4. Choose the desired service and click «Get Number». This step allows you to obtain a virtual number specifically designed for a particular service.

5. In the «Ordered Numbers» section, you will see a list of provided numbers with the time of their usage.

6. Copy and paste the virtual number when registering on the desired platforms to receive SMS.

7. After receiving the SMS code, copy it and complete the registration process on the corresponding platform.

The website also provides temporary numbers for many other countries, such as Morocco, Kenya, Cyprus, and more.


Can Calls Be Made from a Virtual Number?

No, the use of virtual numbers is exclusively intended for receiving text messages. Such numbers are often used to receive SMS messages from Estonia necessary for account verification.


How Does the Virtual Number Rental Service Work in Estonia?


Virtual numbers are rented for a short period, usually around 25 minutes, which is typically sufficient for receiving the required message. Additionally, on our website, you can rent a number for a specific period by selecting the appropriate option on the «Rent» page. The rental cost depends on the chosen country and the duration of the rental period.