Temporary virtual numbers in Cyprus for receiving SMS

Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, boasts a rich history, stunning natural landscapes, and diverse culture. Its capital and largest city are Nicosia, followed by Limassol and Larnaca, with a total population estimated at around 1.2 million people.

SMS Number for Cyprus


On our website, you have the opportunity to purchase virtual numbers for various countries to register in popular services, starting from a few rubles. Previously, registering on social networks or messengers required buying a SIM card or asking friends to share their numbers (which was not always convenient). However, obtaining a new SIM card is noticeably more expensive than acquiring a virtual number. Additionally, it requires personal presence in the office and filling out a form with passport details.


Temporary Virtual Numbers at https://smsak.org/

Our service is designed for users who need both one-time and mass activation of SMS accounts on social networks, messengers, payment systems, dating sites, and other services that involve SMS activation. Purchasing a virtual number on our website takes only 2-5 minutes on average. The entire process is automated and occurs in a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, our technical support strives to respond promptly to questions in the chat.


Advantages of Using Virtual Numbers in Cyprus

1. No Need for Physical SIM Cards: No more buying physical SIM cards for tasks related to temporary number activation.

2. Security in Verification on Suspicious Resources: Ability to verify on suspicious websites without the risk of encountering intrusive spam in the future.

3. Protection from Unwanted Messages: The use of temporary and anonymous numbers provides protection against unwanted messages, avoiding the need to deal with SMS spam later.

4. Overcoming Regional Restrictions and Sanctions: No need to worry about regional restrictions or sanctions related to phone operators in your country.

5. Confidentiality during Relocation: If you've moved and don't want to disclose your new number on the internet, you can choose a phone number from any country on our site and receive SMS codes for verification directly on the site.

6. Protection from Fraudulent Websites: By using virtual numbers for SMS reception, you safeguard yourself from potential fraudulent websites that require providing a phone number for downloading files or viewing content, which may lead to the activation of paid services and subscriptions without your consent.


Buy a Virtual Number for Cyprus


1. Log in to your account on https://smsak.org/ or register (registration requires only an email address).

2. Top up your balance by going to the «Top Up Balance» section. Click on your username and choose a convenient way to top up from the options provided.

3. Select the country, telecom operator, and the necessary service for registration.

4. Click the «Get Number» button to obtain a virtual number for the selected service.

5. In the «Ordered Numbers» section, you will see a list of taken numbers and the time they were provided.

6. Copy the provided virtual number and paste it into the registration form to receive the SMS registration code.

7. When the SMS with the code arrives, copy the code to complete the activation of your account.

Temporary numbers for various countries, including Morocco, Kenya, Portugal, and many others, are also available on https://smsak.org/. We offer convenient conditions and support for successful online registration.