Seagm - advantages of an online store and buying a donation

Seagm is an online game store for gamers and at the same time a mobile platform for rebooting. The resource provides the opportunity to top up your account in the game, buy a game card, or a gift card. Also, excellent offers and various discounts are always ready for customers. Here you can buy digital prepaid codes to reload your favorite games.


What are the advantages of Seagm

Features of the service are fast delivery immediately after payment, 24/7 chat support, multilingual questions. When fulfilling obligations, several types of currencies. In addition, you can pay in a way convenient for you — using a credit card, PayPal, etc., in total there are more than 100 payment methods. offers a wide range of products that include prepaid online game codes, mobile gaming cards, and free diamond refill options. To view the full list of benefits and opportunities available to you, visit and on the home page, click on «Map» and select the option you want.


Buying donat

You can buy a donat in 2 ways:

1. Buy a card. In the «Map» section, go to the «Game Cards» section, enter the name of the card you need into the search bar. Some categories may not exist at the moment. Choose a suitable card and choose the method you will pay for. To view the main cards, go to the «My game cards» section. The base map can be accessed immediately after entering the input when logging into your profile.

2. Transfer money directly. On the Seagm website, enter the name of the desired service in the search bar. Next, select the card purchase amount. Then log in and complete your purchase. After payment, the money will be immediately transferred to the game.

After purchasing a card, you must activate it in the game. Log in to the game, enter your login, select a service, enter your card number and password. If the data is entered correctly, a confirmation window will appear.


Virtual phone number for registration

To register Seagm, to identify the user you need to enter your phone number, which the next day will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. To maintain anonymity online or to take advantage of welcome bonuses and special offers for first-time registered users, you can get a virtual number.

A virtual number is practically no different from a regular physical SIM card, with the exception of a much lower cost and the fact that it is issued for a limited time. Using this number, you can create an unlimited number of accounts not only on, but also on other sites or applications, for example, Urent, Bumble, Soul App and other resources.


Buy a virtual number


1. Go to your personal account at or register. To register, enter your email address and create a password.

2. Click «Top up balance» and enter the required data.

3. Next, you need to select the desired country and operator operator.

4. Find «Seagm» and click «Get number».

5. Enter the code from SMS and complete registration.

On average, purchasing a virtual number on our website takes no more than 3-5 minutes, thanks to the accessible, intuitive interface. In your personal account, you can view all the information on the virtual numbers received, including the number itself, SMS, and price. If you have any questions, write to us in the chat — we will try to answer as quickly as possible.