SberMarket — discounts on the first order, bonuses and promotional codes

SberMarket Service: Home Delivery of Goods from METRO, Lenta, Globus, and Many Others. The service is available in 160 cities across Russia (already in all million-plus cities). Specially trained employees ensure the quality and speed of delivery. You don't need to spend time and money on petrol and transportation to visit stores.

SberMarket Features


Registration is available on the website or the Android/iOS app. For quick access, create a shortcut on your smartphone's screen. Both the app and the website allow the use of promo codes to save on purchases.

By entering your address, you can see a list of stores from which delivery or pickup is available. Use the search bar for quick access to specific products — the product, its price, and the store offering delivery will appear immediately.


Personal Account and SberMarket Benefits

After registration, the personal account allows you to:

- Add bank cards for payment;

- View order information — assembly, completion, dispatch;

- Enter promo codes for discounts.;

- Modify or add information to your profile, including active phone numbers;

- Reorder items without wasting time searching for frequently ordered products;

- Create lists of favorite products;

- View purchase history and pay for items.


Delivery and Promo Codes

Ordering product delivery is available not only from home. You can place orders through the mobile app, view favorite products, and current promotions. Fast delivery within 20 minutes, and with the addition of a promo code, it's cost-effective. Scheduled delivery takes approximately 60 minutes.

After registration, you can receive a promo code for free delivery. To get free delivery, you can subscribe to SberPrime. For 1990 rubles per year, not only will deliveries from stores be free, but also card service and additional cashback. Payment can be made in cash, by bank card, or by redeeming 'Thank You' points. Subscribing to partner stores also earns an additional 10% promo code.


Registering Without a Personal Number

To order products through the service, you need to enter your phone number for user identification. To create multiple accounts for separating purchases, setting up a second profile, and receiving welcome bonuses for each registration, a phone number is required. To maintain anonymity online, we recommend buying a virtual number for SberMarket.

Temporary numbers are purchased to receive SMS verification codes without requiring a physical SIM card. This way, you can register an unlimited number of profiles, apply promo codes, and use welcome bonuses. On the sms-acktiwator service, temporary numbers are available starting from a few rubles. All information is available for viewing in your personal account — number, cost, SMS details.


Buy a Virtual Number for SberMarket


1. Log in or register on

2. Click on your username and «Add Funds», enter the amount and payment method.

3. Click on the country list, select the country and operator.

4. In the search, select «SberMarket».

5. Complete the registration on the chosen service.

With a temporary virtual number for SMS, you can also register on QROOTO, Badoo, Mercari, and more. Purchasing a number typically takes 2 to 5 minutes. After buying a virtual number, you can register on the chosen service, order discounted product deliveries, redeem points, and participate in ongoing promotions.