Registration on Avito without a phone number

Avito – a popular platform for placing free ads. More than 10 million users visit the site daily. On the platform, you can sell and buy everything: from various trinkets to cars and apartments.

The only drawback of the site is that registration without a phone number is practically useless. Spammers, arbitrage specialists, business representatives - all of them need a large number of profiles. Each has its own goals: sending ads, posting announcements, boosting, etc. The most advanced users buy hundreds of SIM cards and use their sim banks. For those who don't have such an opportunity or don't want to bother, you can buy a virtual number on the SMS activation service.


Registration Without a Phone

There are several ways to register on Avito without using a phone.


Method 1: Using Social Networks and a Google Account.

1. Complete the registration through social networks where you already have a profile. This can be VKontakte, Facebook, or Odnoklassniki. Registration through a social network is as simple as clicking on the corresponding icon, after which the system will ask you to enter your login and password. After registration, you enter your Avito account.

2. Through a Google account. Registration is the same as in the first case through a social network. Just log in and you can post ads.


Method 2: Purchasing a Virtual Number.

The main disadvantage of registering through social networks is that you can only go through registration once. Even if you manage to register twice without specifying a phone, the account is almost immediately blocked, and you may lose it forever. But what if you need to create several profiles for business, start another account, or simply don't want to provide your personal number? Buying a physical SIM card for each registration is an expensive pleasure.


Why Register Avito with a Virtual Number?

When there is no available number, or your personal phone is already registered on the service, it is convenient to use the virtual number purchase service. By buying our numbers, you protect yourself and your loved ones from being included in call databases. You won't be bothered without reason.

Registering on the trading platform with a virtual number allows you to stay at the top longer and avoid profile bans. To increase your capabilities on Avito, you can use our service anytime, 24/7.


Buying a Virtual Number for Avito Registration


1. Go through a quick registration at

2. Select «Add Balance» from the menu on the right and enter the required amount.

3. Specify the country and operator.

4. Choose «Avito» and click «Get Number».

5. The number is purchased; now you can enter it during social network registration and click «Next».

6. Click on «Get Code by SMS».

7. Enter the received code. Registration is complete.

Additionally, the service offers receiving Avito SMS in a fully automated mode through a convenient API. Thanks to the automated approach, you can significantly reduce costs, as it provides not only SMS reception but also a redirection function, allowing you to receive messages on your main number. Payment for Avito SMS activation is made using QIWI, Free-Kassa, Payeer, WebMoney. The commission is minimal. Our prices for Avito SMS activation are always lower than those of our competitors, regardless of your region and operator.