Kwai app - specifically for creating permanent clips

Kwai is an application designed specifically for creating clips. The duration of one such video is from 7 to 17 seconds. You can link the video in your profile, send it to your friends, videos can be liked and commented on by other users who have a profile on this service. It is possible to both download videos from the gallery and instantly record a new video through the application.

How to share your video?


To publish your photos or videos, just click on the video camera sign. Videos and photos that were published before will be immediately displayed. Once photos and video clips are published on your profile, they can be viewed by all users of the application.

Before publishing material, users can:

- give a name to the file by selling hashtags to it;

- tag friends and the location where the shooting took place on the published material;

- synchronize publications in VK or YouTube;

- to make a new video, just go to the «Video» item and make a recording.

The application also has a feature such as facial recognition. This feature allows you to change the appearance of video participants. In addition, the editor can use a large number of tools with which you can complement a separate video: create animation, voice the file, add a special effect, sign the text.


Benefits of the application: why you should download Kwai

There are several reasons why you should download the application:

1. Here you can find any video that suits your interests: stars, relationships, gift ideas, fitness and much more due to the fact that the service is gaining more and more popularity.

2. Viewing an interesting publication in this place due to the fact that the situation is defined in the application.

3. Great background music that you can choose depending on your mood. There's also the opportunity to showcase your style by supporting your favorite music.

4. More than 30 filters to create interesting publications.

5. Captured videos can be compressed. Before the clip is published, excess frames are trimmed.


Virtual phone number for registration

To register in the Kwai application, you need to enter your phone number, enter your data, and enter a password. However, there are situations when you need to register multiple profiles, but you don't want to buy additional SIM cards. In this case, you can purchase a virtual number, the cost of which is significantly lower than that of a regular physical SIM card.

A virtual number will be an alternative solution if you need to register one or more new profiles for registration on a dating site, taxi ordering service, etc. To operate such a number, you do not need a graphic SIM card, and you can buy it online, without visiting a shopping center, All you need is internet access.


Buy a virtual number


1. Log into your personal account at or complete the registration procedure — enter only your email address and enter your password.

2. Make payment for the necessary materials.

3. Next, you need to select the desired country and operator operator.

4. Find «Kwai» and click «Take number».

5. Enter the code from SMS and complete registration.

The time for which the virtual number is issued will be indicated in your personal account.

In addition, you can buy virtual phone numbers from us for Zenly, GrabTaxi, MyFishka and other sites. Such numbers can also be used when registering in various stores to participate in promotions and special offers, when bonuses are issued only once upon first registration. We also provide virtual numbers for long-term rent — for all questions you can write to us in the chat.