Receiving bonuses when registering Sportmaster

Buying ready-made accounts from well-known retail networks has become very popular online. The Sportmaster Group manages the eponymous sports goods store network, the Sportmaster Discount and O'STIN (everyday clothing) networks, and others. Numerous resources offer the purchase of Sportmaster accounts at various prices.

Users usually acquire ready-made accounts to use welcome bonuses multiple times, take advantage of one-time promotions, or special offers from the store. Authorized members of the Sportmaster club program, without an online purchase history, receive a unique 15% discount promo code for their first online order.


The company often conducts various promotions, provides bonuses, and offers discounts to regular customers, available only once per number.


There are several ways to bypass restrictions

  • Buying a Sportmaster account.
  • Purchasing a virtual number and registering an account independently.
  • Purchasing ready-made Sportmaster accounts brings no benefit and is likely to result in immediate profile blocking.

Buying ready-made profiles in store networks is a risky solution. The administration often quickly detects and bans such accounts. Therefore, after making a purchase, you often cannot reuse promo codes, promotions, discounts, and other special offers.


The customer card allows users to receive bonuses when making purchases and use these bonuses to pay for goods in the retail stores of the network. To place an order in the store, a personal account must be created, so many users buy ready-made accounts. However, there is a high probability of being deceived by the seller.


How to get Sportmaster accounts inexpensively and without deception:

The service for selling virtual numbers,, offers you to purchase one of the available numbers for registration for just a few rubles. Bonuses can be used in two ways: when independently placing an order on the online store's website or by deducting them at the checkout using the barcode of the bonus card via the phone (instructions for adding the card to the phone are included with the purchase).


On, users can purchase a virtual phone number for registration. This way, you can register as many profiles as you need, the main thing is to purchase a new number for each new registration. The cost of most numbers starts from just a few rubles and takes a minimal amount of time.


Instructions for purchasing virtual numbers


1. Register in a few steps on

2. Click on «Top Up Balance» in the menu and pay the required amount.

3. Choose «Sportmaster» and click «Get a Number».

4. The number is purchased. Enter the received phone on the site and click «Next». In the next windows, sequentially enter all the necessary data requested by the application.

5. Click on the «Get Code by SMS» inscription.

6. Enter the code from the SMS message.

7. The new profile is created.

Just a few simple steps, and you have a new account without entering personal data on the Sportmaster website. You can also register on various trading platforms, messengers, social networks, etc.