A ride on BlaBlaCar at the lowest price

BlaBlaCar is one of the leading global travel communities, enabling over 90 million participants from 22 countries to travel together. This service allows drivers to save on fuel costs by charging passengers, while travelers can spend less on trips compared to buying plane or train tickets.

How to Book a Trip?

Simply specify the departure and arrival cities, as well as the departure time. Choose a trip that suits you! If you need clarification, message the driver before reserving a seat. You can find a trip and complete a successful booking if you have an account on the service.


What to do if your account is blocked or you need additional accounts?

Sometimes, for some reason, you may not be able to use your account or don't want to spend your time before a trip, which is usually already limited, and creating a new account is simply not possible. To create one or several accounts in the shared trips application without wanting to «expose» your personal phone number, you can use the virtual number purchase service, with prices starting from just 1 ruble – that's the minimum cost set for our numbers.


How to Log in to BlaBlaCar Without Creating an Account?

The service assumes that the driver does not profit from the trip but compensates for expenses on fuel and car depreciation. Passengers get the opportunity to reach their destination at a small cost. If you don't have an account on BlaBlaCar.ru, you can find a trip as a passenger and book it by logging in using your social media accounts or email.

The same applies if you need to find a trip on BlaBlaCar.ru as a driver (offer it to passengers).



BlaBlaCar brings together drivers and passengers in the right place at the right time, allowing them to share expenses for the journey. As a driver, you can publish your trip in a couple of clicks to save on fuel and travel in good company.


Can you find a trip on BlaBlaCar without providing your number?


To make your purchase process seamless, we have compiled a detailed list of what you need to do:

1. Register on our service at https://smsak.org/.

2. Go to the «Payment» section and top up your balance.

3. On the homepage or in the personal account, choose the number you need.

Now you need to register directly on the service:

1. Go to the service's homepage, click «Registration» in the upper right corner.

2. Enter the virtual number and click «Get Code».

3. Enter the code.

4. Registration of the new profile is complete.

So, you have completed the registration on the service in just a few minutes. Even if a user visits our site for the first time, registration and the purchase of a virtual number take no more than 4-5 minutes on average. Our prices for such numbers are much lower than competitors because we are interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. With virtual numbers, you can also register and receive welcome bonuses, various points, and discounts at Azino 777, Perekrestok, Magnit, and others.