NetEase in the gaming world — new projects and vibrant virtual worlds

NetEase Inc is an internet technology company with three main business spheres. The «Online Gaming Services» segment specializes in developing and providing games for mobile devices and PCs, including renowned projects like «Journey to the West» and «Onmyoji». The «Youdao» segment focuses on education and development, offering courses, dictionaries, and other educational programs. The «Innovation and Others» segment includes products like Netease Cloud Music, email, and other innovative services.

NetEase Games — 3 New Action Games


NetEase Games is working on three new action games. Originally known for mobile games, the company is actively expanding into the market of projects for PCs and gaming consoles.

One of its recently established studios, Sakura Studio in Japan, is currently developing three projects. The first is a single-player adventure role-playing action game where characters evolve during gameplay, promising a vibrant world, modern 3D effects, and continuous content expansion.

The next project is a new-style action game developed by the studio's branch in China.

The third project is a large-scale cooperative action game with original intellectual property, featuring a new gaming space geared towards multiplayer capabilities and AI tools for enemy characters.


NetEase has substantial experience in creating VR/AR content

NetEase has substantial experience in creating VR/AR content, positioning the company prominently in the world of gaming metaverses. The growing interest in virtual worlds represents a crucial long-term factor for the video game industry. NetEase aims to create its platform, similar to Roblox, allowing users to develop games and other entertaining content. Additionally, the new development studio, Spliced, promises to provide players with a new immersive gaming experience.


Virtual Phone Number for Registration

To complete the registration process in the NetEase application, providing your phone number for user identification is required. In this case, using a virtual number is convenient. By using a virtual number, you can successfully create a full-fledged account, and thereafter, you only need to remember the password for subsequent logins. The cost of a virtual number usually starts from just a few rubles.


Buy a Virtual Number for NetEase


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