MapleSEA - MMORPG for online gaming passing

MapleStory (MapleSEA) is a free 2D-scrolling MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that combines real-time gameplay with a blend of action and traditional RPG elements. Developed by the South Korean company Wizet, the game offers a unique gaming experience.

In the mobile version, the game doesn't replicate the original project's full design on smartphones, although similar gameplay mechanics are present. Players can engage in PvP activities, explore dungeons, challenge bosses, and partake in various other in-game elements.


MapleStory Overview


Players can enjoy 15 unique character classes, a plethora of quests, and almost limitless character customization options, all available for free upon registration. Users traverse the «Maple World», defeating monsters, developing their characters' skills and abilities, akin to classic role-playing games.

Communication between players is facilitated through chat, trading, and mini-games. Players can form groups for monster hunting, exchange rewards, join guilds, and more. MapleSEA boasts over 96 million registered users worldwide.


Advantages of Registering with MapleStory

1. Popular MMORPG with regular updates, the ability to play with friends, or join guilds with other users.

2. Vast game world with numerous quests and content.

3. Keyboard and mouse controls. Like most MMORPGs, players battle monsters, complete boss levels, trade, undertake quests, and acquire various items, starting from clothing. The in-game currency is meso.


Quest Completion

To gain a significant amount of experience in the game, completing quests is essential. Quests can be completed in automatic battle mode, but to expedite the process, it's recommended to disable this feature to save more time. Quests conclude at level 80, after which players need to level up by defeating monsters.


Cash Shop

The Cash Shop is an in-game store where users can purchase various virtual items for real money, such as coupons to change appearance, clothing, and coupons for many other in-game items. The Cash Shop also offers the option to buy entire shops, allowing players to trade items in the Free Market and earn meso.


Registration without Personal Number

To register for MapleStory (MapleSEA), personal details and a phone number are typically required. To avoid providing personal information, a virtual number can be purchased. This virtual number serves almost the same purpose as a regular SIM card but comes at a lower cost, with a faster issuance time. Additionally, no personal information is required for the purchase.


How to Buy a Virtual Number for MapleStory


1. Visit and register.

2. Click «Add Funds» and deposit the required amount.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Search for «MapleStory (MapleSEA)» in your account.

5. Click «Get a Number». The number is also available for immediate purchase on the main page by clicking the relevant icon.

6. Provide all required registration details on the chosen website.

7. Complete the registration after receiving the SMS.

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