Binance for secure cryptocurrency storage

Binance is an international decentralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. Keep your cryptocurrency assets secure with the Binance app! That's why, since 2018, the platform has been at the forefront in terms of trading volume among similar platforms.

Registering a profile on the Binance website takes just a few minutes. To register, you need a phone number, an email address, and verification. Top up your cryptocurrency account and start trading. Account funding can be done through methods convenient for you.


Key Features of Binance com

Launchpad: A platform designed to launch tokens, both their own and existing ones.

Academy: An educational section for new users.

Binance for Personal Business Solutions.


Advantages of Binance

1. Transactions are executed at high speed.

2. Low trading fees — among the lowest in the industry. A wide range of tools for trading operations.

3. Reliable protection algorithms.

4. Access to over 350 cryptocurrencies.

5. Accessible via the Binance website, Windows and macOS clients, Android and iOS apps.

6. Ability to fund accounts with fiat currencies.

7. Responsible support center — expert advisory support.

8. For new users, there is a special simplified system, Binance Lite.


Fees on Official Binance com

A significant advantage of the site is the low commission rate - 0.1%, one of the lowest in the market. This rate is achieved due to high daily trading volumes. The rate can be reduced if there is a certain amount of BNB in the account.


Creating an Account on the Platform and Getting Bonuses


To register on the platform, you only need a phone number and an email address — these are the conditions to ensure the security of your funds. Then you need to pass verification.


Every new user after registration can receive the following bonuses

A $5 bonus coupon issued upon a one-time fiat money account top-up or via p2p, for $50.

A $50 cashback voucher if the first top-up of at least $50 occurs within 5 days after registration.

A $45 cashback voucher if the first spot trade is made for at least $100.

Thus, each registered profile can receive up to $100.


Want to Make a Profit but Don't Have Extra Phone Numbers? Here's What You Can Do:


If you need to register a large number of accounts but don't have extra physical SIM cards, you can always buy a virtual number. These numbers are essentially no different from regular ones; the only difference is that they are given for a specific period, but they are quite affordable.

To get a virtual number, follow these steps:

1. Create an account on or log in if you already have an account.

2. Go to the «Top Up Balance» tab and make a payment using any convenient method from the list.

3. Choose the country and operator.

4. Find «Binance» in your account or on the main page and click «Get Number».

5. Register on the Binance website using the virtual phone number.

6. Receive an SMS to complete the registration.

You can also buy a virtual number for registration on CreditKasa, Betfair, Poshmark, and more on our website.