M-Panels — privacy and quick solutions for business

M-Panels is a service that provides leading market research solutions by delivering high-quality data necessary for decision-making at all levels of business. The M-Panels team comprises specialists with expertise in a wide range of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The company leverages innovations in technology and data processing to transform data into practical ideas that contribute to the growth and success of your business.

Why is it needed?


1. Informed Decision-Making: Providing high-quality data essential for making informed business decisions.

2. Identifying Opportunities: Analyzing all aspects of the target market, identifying new opportunities, and monitoring industry trends.

3. Support Across Various Industries: Personalized consultations and recommendations tailored to unique needs for sales development, regardless of the business sector.


Advantages of the M-Panels Service

1. Customized Approaches: Developing individual research service packages considering specific goals, timelines, and budget constraints.

2. Diverse Services: Offering a wide range of services, from one-time specialized surveys to long-term monitoring using information panels and real-time reports.

3. Expertise: M-Panels comprises experienced experts dedicated to delivering results that contribute to successful business development.


Additional Information about M-Panels

Reliability and Confidentiality: Guaranteed data reliability and confidentiality. Adherence to strict security standards. Confidential data is processed with utmost care, ensuring complete confidence in information security.

Swift Response to Market Trends: Swift data collection, analysis, and presentation enable staying ahead of competitors and making decisions promptly, capturing important opportunities.

Continuous Support Throughout the Research: Experts are ready to answer questions, clarify uncertainties, and help interpret research results. The goal is not only to provide information but also to provide the knowledge and understanding necessary for making the best business decisions.


How to Register Without a Personal Number


To start using M-Panels, download the application and register. Enter your information and the phone number where you will receive an SMS with a confirmation code. For registering additional profiles, maintaining anonymity online, or participating in one-time promotions, you can purchase a temporary virtual number.

Virtual numbers are numbers without physical SIM cards. These numbers are used for registering secondary accounts on social networks, messengers, email confirmation, boosting primary profiles, and more.


Buy a Virtual Number for M-Panels


1. Visit the website https://smsak.org/and register or log in to your account if you already have one.

2. Top up your balance using one of the provided methods in the «Balance» section.

3. Choose the desired country and operator for your virtual number.

4. Find «M-Panels» in the list of available services and click «Get Number».

5. After selecting the number, you will receive an SMS with the necessary details to complete the registration.

Most available numbers on our website cost as low as 1 or several rubles. Information about all purchased numbers is accessible in your account under «Ordered Numbers». Virtual numbers for registration can also be used for creating profiles on platforms like Qunar, Etsy, Happn, various social networks, dating websites, messengers, and for obtaining additional discounts and participating in promotions.