Qunar — travel app for traveling around China

Qunar is an indispensable tool for foreign tourists in China, providing them with convenience, accessibility, and pleasant bonuses during their travels. The application simplifies the tourist experience and helps travelers feel confident and comfortable in an unfamiliar country.

In the modern world, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, serving as the primary means of communication and indispensable assistants in various aspects of our lives. We have become accustomed to using popular mobile applications such as WhatsApp and Google, which make our lives easier and more organized.


Restrictions During Travel to China


When we travel to China, we encounter the fact that these applications are either completely blocked or operate with restrictions. This creates inconvenience for foreign tourists who are accustomed to relying on these services in their own countries.


The Role of Specialized Chinese Travel Applications

In China, there are specialized universal travel applications specifically designed for this country. One of the most popular and convenient ones is the Qunar application.


Qunar Travel Application


Qunar is a Chinese service created in 2005, offering a wide range of services related to travel. It is one of the leading online platforms for travel in China and has become a reliable companion for many tourists.


Advantages of the Qunar Application

Qunar provides unique opportunities for travelers:

1. International Flights. Users can purchase international flight tickets with support for baggage allowance and the option to purchase VIP seats, ensuring more comfortable flights beyond the country's borders.

2. Domestic Flights. The application allows easy purchase of tickets for domestic flights, as well as booking airport pickup and drop-off services. Travelers can also select seats on board, ensuring maximum comfort during journeys within the country.

3. Train and Bus Tickets. Qunar Travel offers convenient options for purchasing train and bus tickets, providing various bonuses and discounts for its users.

4. Hourly Rooms. Travelers can avail themselves of hourly room rental services, choosing the most advantageous payment and relaxation options within a limited time. Vouchers can be used for amounts exceeding 60 yuan.


Buy a Virtual Number for Qunar


1. Website Registration. Go to https://smsak.org/ and register or log in to your account if you are already registered.

2. Account Top-Up. Recharge your account using one of the provided methods in the «Balance» section.

3. Selecting Country and Operator. Choose the necessary country and operator to which your virtual number belongs.

4. Choosing Qunar. Find «Qunar» in the list of available services and click «Get Number».

5. Receiving SMS and Completing Registration: After selecting the number, you will receive an SMS with the necessary details to complete the registration process on Qunar.com.

Most of the numbers on our website are available at a price starting from 1 or a few rubles. All information about the taken numbers is accessible in your account under «Ordered Numbers». Virtual numbers for receiving SMS can also be used for registration on Baidu, Alipay, JD.com, various social networks, dating websites, messengers, as well as for receiving additional discounts and participating in promotions.