Kazakhstan — Verification with Virtual Numbers

Virtual phone number in Kazakhstan with the +7 country code is a convenient option for verification using a temporary number, avoiding the use of a personal phone. It allows you to register multiple profiles on various websites by receiving online confirmation codes.

If you are traveling or working remotely, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to receive SMS via a temporary number. This enables you to register on social networks, online marketplaces, exchanges, and online services, avoiding unnecessary spam and maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.


How to Use Virtual Numbers in Kazakhstan or Another Country

1. Receive SMS Confirmations and Codes Without Disclosing Your Personal Number. Use virtual numbers to receive SMS confirmations, various codes, and one-time passwords while keeping your main number confidential.

2. Hide Your Real Number When Using Two-Factor Authentication. Utilize a temporary number instead of your main phone number when receiving SMS codes for two-factor authentication. This provides an additional level of security and privacy.

3. Business Needs and Promotion. Virtual numbers can be used for registering a large number of profiles, particularly beneficial for marketing campaigns, mailings, and promotions, allowing you to avoid overloading your main number with information and effectively manage various business processes.


Virtual Numbers in Kazakhstan for Business Operations

By using a virtual number, companies can expand their presence in new markets. Any organization may encounter limitations on expansion within its city and may need to reach other populated areas. A virtual number offers the opportunity to assess demand for the company's services or products in advance and analyze relevant data.

For social media work, a temporary number for SMS in Kazakhstan becomes a crucial tool. For instance, as a measure against bots and, consequently, to reduce server load, social networks actively block users registering multiple accounts with the same phone number.

The ability to create multiple accounts using a virtual number not only efficiently overcomes limitations but also contributes to the development of business and its internal processes.


Buy a Virtual Number in Kazakhstan


1. Register and log in to your account on the website https://smsak.org/, where you can purchase or rent a virtual number for an extended period (rental duration and cost depend on the selected country and period).

2. Top up your account balance to pay for the virtual number using a credit card, electronic payments, or cryptocurrency.

3. Choose the country and mobile operator. Specify Kazakhstan or another country, check available numbers, and select the service.

4. Click «Get Number» to obtain the virtual number intended for a specific service.

5. In the «Ordered Numbers» section, you will see a list of provided numbers with the specified usage time.

6. Copy and paste the virtual number to receive SMS during registration on the necessary platforms.

7. After receiving the SMS code, copy it and complete the registration process on the corresponding platform.

The service https://smsak.org/ offers various virtual numbers for working with different services and in different countries. Temporary numbers are also available for Pakistan, Lithuania, Georgia, and other countries. We provide convenient conditions and support for a successful registration process.