Pakistan — receiving SMS on temporary virtual numbers

Having trouble registering in a regional service due to the lack of the required number? No problem. Visit to forget about regional restrictions. Upon purchasing a Pakistani number, you will receive an SMS confirmation code, ensuring the successful completion of the authorization.

Virtual SMS numbers are becoming particularly popular as they provide the ability to receive messages anywhere in the world, without the need to purchase SIM cards or use additional equipment. The unique features of a virtual phone are attributed to its lack of attachment to a specific location.


Advantages of Registration Using a Virtual Number

1. Cost Savings: Temporary numbers are significantly cheaper than acquiring new starter packages. After registration, such a number may remain unused, providing additional savings.

2. Efficient SMS Activation: Utilizing virtual SMS activation saves time typically spent on acquiring new SIM cards or searching for account sellers, especially if opting to purchase a profile «second-hand».

3. Full Functionality: Profiles registered using a virtual SMS number are fully functional and indistinguishable from regular ones. They are also more reliable compared to purchasing from an unknown seller.

4. Temporary Number Ensures Confidentiality and Security: Acquiring a temporary number does not require entering personal information, as providing an email address is usually sufficient.

5. Sometimes situations arise where a Pakistan or another country's number is needed, but obtaining a regular SIM card is not possible. Now, you can receive a confirmation code for social networks, messengers, taxi services, etc., using Pakistan numbers with the +92 code.


Where Can You Use a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual numbers offer convenient solutions for various situations. They allow you to register on various internet resources, providing the option to sign up for websites without disclosing personal information. They also ensure the confidentiality of your contacts by enabling the use of a temporary number instead of your real one when registering on websites or posting advertisements.

Virtual numbers guarantee protection against unwanted spam, as they help avoid receiving suspicious SMS messages. Additionally, the use of temporary numbers contributes to preventing fraud by allowing SMS verifications without the need to acquire a physical SIM card or disclose personal information.


Buy a Virtual Number for Pakistan


The purchase of a number is done in several steps:

1. Visit the website and click on «Registration». Fill in the required fields, providing your email address and creating a password, or log in if you are already registered.

2. Click on «Top up balance», enter the desired amount, and choose the payment method.

3. Select the country and operator, locate Pakistan in the dropdown list of countries.

4. Use the acquired virtual number for the registration process.

5. Copy the purchased number and paste it into the registration form to receive SMS.

On our website, you can buy virtual numbers for receiving SMS not only for Pakistan but also for many other countries, such as Israel, Latvia, Argentina, etc. With these numbers, users can register to receive additional bonuses in stores, participate in contests, and get discounts.