How to receive SMS without your phone number

How to register in any applications or services, receive SMS without a phone? Buy a virtual number and you can create a new account in literally 3-5 minutes. A virtual number can be used remotely, and does not require special equipment or the need to connect to a station station; all that is required is a stable Internet connection.

Is it possible to receive SMS without a phone when registering on websites?


At the moment, almost every service requires you to enter your mobile phone number, which should receive an SMS message with an activation code.

Basically, when a registration problem arises, the problem is that it is impossible to create several accounts at once — it is acceptable to promote a business, receive various quality bonuses, etc. In addition, to obtain a physical SIM card, identification confirmation, a personal visit to a communication salon, and much more are required. Most of the data is simply not needed if you need a number for SMS activation at the last stage of registration.

In this case, we recommend getting a virtual phone number.


What is a virtual number for receiving SMS messages?


A virtual mobile number is a number that you can get in literally a few minutes, even if this is your first time on our resource; this can be done on the website You can then use this virtual number to receive SMS without a phone through the website.


How do you log in using a virtual number for SMS?


1. Go to, log in or go through the registration procedure - you only need your email address.

2. Next, click «Top up balance». Money can be transferred in any of the specified ways, which will be convenient for you.

3. Take responsibility for the selected country and local operator.

4. After visiting the desired service or simply use the «Get a number» service.

5. Now receive an SMS with a confirmation code and complete the registration on the service you need.

6. Calls are possible from anywhere in the world. Calls are paid in accordance with the tariff.

7. Connection with all phones. To make a call, you can use a landline office phone, a special IP, etc.

Also, using a virtual number, you can register on such resources as CreditKasa (profitable microloans), Hily (for online dating), register American numbers, etc.

If you have any questions, as well as regarding cooperation, you can write to us in the chat — we will try to answer you as quickly as possible.


Advantages of a virtual number

1. There is no need to waste time purchasing goods in the network operator’s store. All that is required to purchase and activate a virtual number is access to the Internet.

2. A virtual number is a quick and inexpensive solution if an additional number is required during registration.

3. You can create an unlimited number of accounts to develop your business, register on store websites to receive lucrative bonuses, etc.

4. You can get a number in any country and in this place, anywhere.

5. If necessary, you can use the Telegram chat - we provide the work as quickly as possible. provides the opportunity to purchase virtual numbers and register on various platforms and services. This way, accounts will not be blocked and, in addition, you will not need to buy a physical SIM card.