— Real Estate Website Spain, Italy, and Portugal is a real estate search platform in Spain where you can find over 1.3 million properties. Approximately 10,000 new listings are added daily. This platform is ideal for those seeking long-term accommodations, especially students and professionals. You can easily find rooms, apartments, and even office spaces for rent. Direct contact with the property owner is facilitated. Most listings include photographs of the property and detailed tenant requirements. The best part — there are no hidden fees or commissions.

Whether you need housing in Spain, Italy, or Portugal, offers options in nearly every city. If you're planning to buy, sell, or rent commercial real estate, turn to major websites. They assist you in quickly assessing the market, exploring offerings in your area, and determining the average price per square meter for similar properties.


Idealista App: Your Reliable Real Estate Search Companion

Idealista's app is for those seeking properties in Spain, Italy, and Portugal. It's a modern tool for buying, selling, or renting spaces and rooms. Idealista provides a wide range of tools for listing properties for sale or rent and finding buyers or tenants in record time. Whether you need a home, parking space, room, or other types of properties, you can find hundreds of thousands of listings here.

Here's what you can do with the app when searching for housing:

  • Highlight and Mark Your Preferred Area on the Map. Open the map, select the area where you'd like to live, view all listings in that region, and compare prices for different properties. It's simple and convenient.
  • Find Available Properties Near You. Allow the app to use your location, and you'll see real estate listings available in your vicinity.
  • Enable Notifications to Stay Ahead. It's crucial to stay informed about newly posted listings, especially when you're house hunting. The app offers a quick notification system. Set up searches with specific criteria and enable notifications. Every time a listing matching your filters is posted or if the price drops, you'll receive a notification on your phone.
  • Communicate with Sellers via Chat or Arrange Property Viewings. Connect with sellers through chat or schedule appointments to view the properties.
  • Create Your Renter Profile. You can create a profile with information about yourself, increasing your chances of being selected by landlords.


How to Buy a Virtual Number for Idealista


1. Visit and register.

2. Click «Add Funds» and enter the desired amount.

3. Choose your country and mobile operator.

4. Find «Idealista» on the main page or in your account.

5. Click «Get Number».

6. Provide all necessary details during registration on the website or in the app and click «Next».

7. Once you receive an SMS with the code, complete the registration process using that code.

This virtual number can be used not only on Idealista Spain but also on other platforms such as Coca-Cola, Oppo Store, Mercado Libre, and more. Additionally, the service offers the option to purchase a virtual number for an extended period. If you have any questions, feel free to message us in the chat — we'll strive to provide prompt responses.