Global24 - payments and transfers on the service using a virtual number

Global24 E-Wallet enables money transfers, bill payments, and various services without the need for a physical bank card. With this e-wallet, you can top up your phone balance, withdraw and transfer money, pay for internet and TV services, and access a wide range of other services. Easily manage your finances, pay off loans, and transfer money to friends and family.



To register, enter your phone number or email address. The service ensures the security of your data. Creating a wallet takes just a few minutes.


How to Create a Global24 E-Wallet


1. Download and install Global24 app.

2. Enter your email address or phone number.

3. Registration is complete after confirming your details and setting a password.


Global24 Payment Benefits

Free transfers to e-wallets.

Transfers to bank cards from the e-wallet.

Minimal or zero commissions for credit repayments, topping up other e-wallets, paying for hosting, taxi services, and more.

Money transfers with various mobile operators.

Payments are processed within seconds.


Advantages of Using Global24

- Transfers between different wallets, including via QR codes;

- Option to link or unlink a bank card;

- 24/7 service availability;

- Real-time balance updates;

- Full access to transaction history and receipts;

- Incognito mode;

- Night theme;

- Send transfers to friends or choose recipients from your contacts;

- Notifications via SMS or email;

- Bonus for new users upon wallet creation using a phone number;

- Correctly enter sender and recipient details to view the final commission amount for card or wallet payments.


How to Use the Wallet


Choose a service from the catalog or enter it in the search bar.

For card payments, enter card details, specify the amount, and recipient information. The commission is automatically calculated.

For e-wallet payments, log in to Global24.

For any questions, contact customer support.


Buy a Virtual Number


1. To purchase a virtual number, go to and register—enter your email address and create a password.

2. Top up your balance using any convenient method available in your account.

3. Choose the country and then the mobile operator.

4. Find «Global24» on the main page or in «Ordered Numbers».

5.  Click «Get Number».

6. Enter the registration details on the website and then click «Next».

7. Receive an SMS with the code, then complete the registration.

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