Fast loan processing Creditter (smart loan)

Creditter (smart-credit): Creditter is a convenient service that allows you to obtain a microloan in just 10 minutes. The online service is always ready to assist its customers in various life situations when money is needed quickly, without unnecessary effort. Loans are provided 24/7, even on holidays and weekends.

Features and Offer Selection


Before applying for a loan, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its conditions. The interest rate is 1% per day. You can extend the contract if you cannot repay the funds on time; otherwise, you will have to pay penalties in addition to the principal loan amount. Repayment can be made in cash or through an electronic wallet, bank card, or bank account.

To find a product that fits your parameters, adjust the sliders on the website to the left or right. The smart-credit system will automatically calculate the total repayment amount. It is recommended to calculate multiple times to choose the most advantageous solution.


Requirements and Application Process

To apply for a loan, you need passport details, Russian citizenship, adulthood, and registration at your place of residence.

The microloan is provided after you determine the loan amount, fill out the form, provide payment details, and submit the request.

When receiving the loan, ensure that you fulfill all contract points. Try to avoid delays; otherwise, the final overpayment will significantly increase. Applications can be submitted by representatives of various professions, as well as unemployed individuals, retirees, and students. It is preferable, though not obligatory, to have a positive credit history; this increases approval chances to 100%.


Advantages of smart-credit Loans

1. Possibility to become a borrower regardless of your employment status. No need to provide employment certificates or income tax returns (2-NDFL).

2. The application process usually takes only 5 to 15 minutes from start to approval. The minimum microloan amount is 2000 rubles.

3. You can apply online at any time convenient for you, regardless of your location – the service and customer support operate 24/7.

4. The agreement does not involve additional fees or hidden loans, ensuring complete transparency in the procedure.

5. Funds can be transferred to a bank card or electronic wallet.

6. No need for guarantors or collateral to get an urgent loan.

7. All applications are considered regardless of credit history.


Registration Without a Personal Number


To obtain a loan, you need to register on the website, providing your phone number — a confirmation code will be sent via SMS. If you need to create a new account but prefer not to provide your personal number, it is possible to purchase a virtual number. These numbers are nearly indistinguishable from regular ones, except they are issued for a limited period and are much cheaper. No personal information is required to purchase them. All information about the acquired number can be viewed in your account.


Buy a Virtual Number for smart-credit Loan


1. Website Registration: Register on or access your account if you are already registered.

2. Top Up Balance: Click «Add Funds» and enter the desired amount for the purchase.

3. Select Country and Operator.

4. Find «smart-credit» and Click «Get Number».

5. Receive SMS and Complete Registration.

Most numbers on our website start at a cost of 1 or a few rubles. Virtual numbers for SMS can also be used for registration on Paysafecard, Paycell, MicroKlad, etc.