Quick and easy microloan processing with Tengo

Tengo is an organization that is not a banking lender. The company helps to obtain a microloan to cover unforeseen expenses. Loan application is available online only on the organization's website. This way, you can easily make an unplanned but necessary purchase and resolve various circumstances. Almost any short-term financial difficulty can be solved using an online loan.

How to Get a Microloan on Tengo


The organization issues loans to cards of any banks, and there is no need to provide certificates. To get a loan, you need to:

1. Enter the loan amount and term. The loan term ranges from 10 to 30 days, and the loan amount ranges from 10,000 to 170,000 tenge.

2. Register. You need to read the contract terms, check all the necessary boxes, complete the registration by entering the code from the SMS sent to your specified number.

3. Fill out the application. Correct information is required to increase the chances of a positive decision on the application. You must also have a valid bank card from a Kazakhstani bank.

4. Wait for the loan decision. The decision on granting the money will be sent via SMS or email. Applications are processed from 10 minutes to 1 working day.

5. The loan is approved. The money will be credited within 15 minutes, or if it goes to a bank account, it may take from 10 minutes to 3 working days.

Please note that the organization does not transfer money to cards for pensions and benefits, corporate and business cards, prepaid and blocked cards, cards with other types of restrictions.


How to Repay the Loan at Tengo.kz

If you pay the amount for the loan on time, you will improve your credit history and increase your chances of getting subsequent loans with more convenient terms. Payments can be made through Homebank, PLUS 24 application, KACCA 24, QIWI terminal, from Qiwi wallet, or in cash when visiting any Tengo branch.


Advantages of Cooperation with Tengo


1. You can apply for a loan even if you have debts in other credit institutions.

2. You can apply online without visiting an office or providing work certificates.

3. The money will be credited to the card within 15 minutes; for a bank account, it takes from 10 minutes to three working days.

4. You can calculate the loan amount and overpayment in advance using the calculator on the website.

5. Possibility of prolongation of the payment term with the Guarantee service.


Registering Without a Personal Number

During registration, a phone number is required to confirm the profile - an SMS with a code will be sent to it. To register a second or several new profiles or to remain anonymous on the network, you can use the virtual number service. On our website, most temporary numbers start from a few rubles. We also have numbers from different countries to bypass geoblocking when registering on various resources, platforms, or applications.


Buy a Virtual Number for Tengo


1. Go to https://smsak.org/ and log in to your account or register quickly (enter your email, confirm it, and create a password for login).

2. Click on the username and select «Top Up Balance», enter the amount, and choose a payment method.

3. Next, select the country from the list and the operator.

4. In the search, select «Tengo.kz».

5. Receive an SMS and complete the registration on the website.

With a virtual number for receiving SMS, you can register a profile on MrQ Casino, Venmo, Paycell, etc. It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to purchase a number. It is not recommended to use microloans to repay long-term financial issues or to buy expensive items on credit.