Rent a number

We will tell you how to rent a number using our service. Go to the "Rent" page. Choose the country you need. Several countries are currently available to users. Rental is available for one, seven, fourteen, thirty, ninety, and one hundred and eighty days.


Let's consider the service using the example of Russia for a one-day period:

1. Log in or register on the website.

2. Choose "Russia" from the drop-down menu.

3. Choose "one day" from the drop-down menu.

Options for numbers will appear before you. You can rent several numbers at once. If desired, the rental can be extended for the required period.


What is this service for?


1. If you need a permanent number for registration on social networks and payment systems for a long time (from 1 to 180 days).

2. If you need to register an account on one number for a specific period.

3. In any other case requiring long-term rental.


What are these numbers for?


If your business requires multiple numbers to activate accounts on social networks and payment systems. For example, if your company has several branches across the country and you need a separate page on social networks for each city, or when you want to create an advertising account, and your number is tied to your personal account. Or you just want to prank your friend and need a separate, not disclosed account. There are many reasons known only to you.


Advantages of our service


1. Everything is fast, without delays and failures.

2. Everything is automated and devoid of the human factor.

3. 24/7 technical support.

4. Servers are located in different countries, and in case of a failure in one of them, others will take on the load.

5. You can use our service from anywhere on the globe and at any time.

6. Minimum price in its segment.

7. Simple and intuitive interface.

8. Simple and transparent terms of service usage.

9. Numerous numbers for any social networks and payment systems.

10. Our service protects you from spam and advertising mailings.

Our service will allow you to work from any city and country at any time. Remote work is an excellent alternative to monotonous gray weekdays in the office for small money. By working from home, you can take on not one but several projects, which will increase your rate several times and relieve you of management pressure – you are your own boss.